What did we miss???

Posted By: Seaislegal

What did we miss??? - 04/15/03 07:44 PM

These are the places we hit last year and things we did. What did we miss last year that we should be sure to fit in this time around?

Any details on when to go as far as bars, what meal to eat (B, L or D) as far as restaurants go and what tour and operator as far as any of those that are real worthwhile.

Here's what we did last time..

Bars we stumbled too..

Purple Parrot
Squirrels Nest
Jaguars – Karaoke Night
Crazy Canucks – it was dead though, what are the best nights to go there?
Palapa - Sunday
Pier House – Chicken Drop


Jambel Jerk Pit
BCs BBQ on Sunday
El Patio – Only disappointment among them
Mangos – lunch
Estels – Breakfast
Caliente – Favorite!!


Cave Tubing with Seaduced
Hustler Catamaran to Caye Caulker (didn't like the hammock middle though, we were afraid of dropping our stuff into the water or getting it splashed)
Snorkeled Shark Ray and Hol Chan

So what did we miss last year that we should REALLY be sure to do / go to this time around??? Whats worth making sure we do and why? Are there bands playing somewhere on a certain day to go see, etc...

Thanks a bunch!
Andrea in Atlanta
18 days and counting
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Re: What did we miss??? - 04/15/03 08:03 PM

You need to go to Crazy Canuks on Monday.

And I guess you haven't been down to Papi's yet for dinner.

Oh and there's a funky little place that just recently opened on Middle Street, I can't remember the name of it for sure but I think it is the Jungle Room, or something like that. Cute place to go for one drink. Don't go if you've already had a bunch and I wouldn't stay for a bunch either. The floor in there is enough to twist a sober person's ankle but I sure like the way it is decorated otherwise.

I really enjoyed renting a private boat that took us all the way up north and we could stop at any resort we wanted along the way. Took less than the whole afternoon and we got to see the sunset as we headed back to town. We also had him take us back on the river and drop us over on the lagoon side at the bar that used to be the Boatyard.

Then another day, we rented a golf cart and hit all the resorts down on the southside. Got a tour, had a drink, repeat.

The other thing I like to do is walk or golf cart all over the backside. See how the people live and where they shop. There's a new supermarket back there. I didn't have time to stop in and check prices, but maybe next time.
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Re: What did we miss??? - 04/15/03 08:43 PM

(Ok.. adding Papi's and Monday for Canucks to the list.. )

Seashell, The boat rental idea sounds good. Who did you rent it from, how much does it run $US wise and how many does it hold?

Posted By: govikes

Re: What did we miss??? - 04/15/03 08:45 PM

You didn't make it to Coconuts and meet Margie/Ada? Must do. Also eat at Papi's!!!, Lilys has some great breakfasts. Get Tulu down at Coral Beach dock to take you snorkeling/fishing/BBQ at Mexico Rocks & Tres Cocos. Go on a sunset or all day trip with George Eiley on the Rum Punch - that's a blast and the Rum Punch is a cool old boat!
Posted By: Ernie B

Re: What did we miss??? - 04/15/03 08:45 PM

SATURDAY NIGHT MUST.....The Hide a Way !!!!
Posted By: seashell

Re: What did we miss??? - 04/15/03 09:57 PM

We used Armand Badillo for one thing, great guy, loved his humor for one trip we took and a guy named Tito (somebody or other, I think it was) for another trip we took. Tito's boat was a bit nicer if I remember correctly but he didn't have Armand's humor or ability to make himself understood to us gringos. Another person you might consider is Juan . . oh shoot. I can't remember his last name suddenly. However, you can find any of these guys if you ask at Amigos del Mar. All three are independent but Sabas at Amigos will be able to direct you to Armand's house, which is just around the corner from Cholo's. And Melanie can call Tito for you and anyone of the guys should be able to help you find Juan because he used to be a divemaster for Amigos.

I just adore Juan. He's a young fella and has a nice boat with two motors.

Prices will vary based on what you negotiate and gas has gone up again. So you are probably looking at around $100 (give or take $20). Not a big deal at all and well worth it if you are 4 or more. We were only two and so I clenched a bit a first but it was still well worth it in the end.

I don't want to bad-mouth anyone. Tito was very good to us, but I really think we would have had much more fun with Armand or Juan.

Having our own boat, on our own schedule . . .heck, we felt like we were living the lifestyles of the rich and famous. Don't forget to take your bathing suit. Maybe you can hop in some pools or the ocean on your way if you get hot. We forgot our suits. Also, I forgot water. Might not matter so much though if you are doing the pub crawl at the resorts.
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Re: What did we miss??? - 04/15/03 11:07 PM

I second Saturday night at Hideaway. We walked by there by chance our first saturday night in San Pedro . Very fun and I think Belikins were $2.00 US.
Posted By: dbdoberman

Re: What did we miss??? - 04/15/03 11:16 PM

You should eat at Papi's, do the Lamanai Tour, and things I want to do my next visit as well: Snorkel/Dive Mexico Rocks, hire a private boat to Barcalar Chico, tour SilkPainter's studio on Caye Caulker, parasail, kayak the lagoon, and a whole bunch of other stuff I cannot think of right now.
Nice dreamin' about the NEXT time tho, isn't it? smile
Posted By: o jackie

Re: What did we miss??? - 04/15/03 11:18 PM

ME!! wink
Posted By: dbdoberman

Re: What did we miss??? - 04/15/03 11:19 PM

laugh Your turn is coming soon!
Posted By: klcman

Re: What did we miss??? - 04/15/03 11:25 PM

and ya gotta try Antojito's too.... yummy and cheap!
Posted By: Ernie B

Re: What did we miss??? - 04/15/03 11:32 PM

Chloe, we aggreed ? (HA) You might even catch me singing at Hideaway on Sat. Nights.
Posted By: Danl & the Boop

Re: What did we miss??? - 04/16/03 03:27 AM

How about Canibals (we love to have you for dinner) Good food and Mike is a blast. Music and BBQ on Thursdays quiet blues.
Ruby's for breakfast
Parasailing with Tony a real thrill. laugh laugh laugh
Posted By: Chloe

Re: What did we miss??? - 04/16/03 03:35 AM

Immissing??? I do not understand your post,
(Chloe, we agreed? (HA). Explain please. Thanks.
Posted By: Marie

Re: What did we miss??? - 04/16/03 03:49 AM

You might try Lagniappe across from Fido's for a really good gumbo. Sweet Basil is always good when you get tired of the local food. Now, if you want local food, Ambergris Delights has great fish and conch. The best meat or chicken pies I have had are at the palapa at Paradise Resort Hotel, but you have to check ahead to see when she will have them. Celi's deli has the funniest, by North American standards, tamales I've ever seen on, I think, Friday and Saturday, but they are darn good. The restaurant also make a great escabece on, I think, Sunday. Check on all those. El Divino is very good, especially if you like meat. Nice grill. Capricorn is excellent, but the last two are on the high end. Then, there is always Wine Devine, for a great bottle of wine and pate and cheese. Ahh! There's a picnic on the beach!

What price range are you looking for?

And, do, try one day the liquado stand on Front Street. They are so good. Have fun!
Posted By: Debbie

Re: What did we miss??? - 04/16/03 02:44 PM

Yes, definately try Papi's diner. They're breakfasts are wonderful, and he cooks a mean lobster dinner.... Serves veggies with his meals as well. No one has mentioned Sweet Basils on the other side of the pull ferry!!! GREAT location, and hands down the best salads I've ever eaten.
We rented a private boat for the day as well and went fishing. Had a total blast, and caught tons of fish. Cooked our catch in our room, and Papi cooked some for us too.
Also recommend buying an underwater flashlight, and hanging it off your nearby dock at night. It attracts all kinds of neat stuff. I've heard that night snorkeling is an experience you will never forget, but I didn't get to go. frown My husband is a fraidy cat, and freaked. Wouldn't let me go..... If you're game, I would try it in a heartbeat. parasailing is cool too. Go to Fido's dock....
Posted By: Seaislegal

Re: What did we miss??? - 04/16/03 03:32 PM

Wow, lots of great places we missed last time! I am definitely going to try and hit most of these this time around. El Divino is at the hotel so we'll definitely be eating there. We are staying two days longer this year so that helps too.

What is liquado? Same with Escabeche? I haven't heard of those terms before.

Also, where do you get to see that Punta dance I have heard of?

Andrea in Atlanta

"Still time to start a new life in the Palm Trees" J. Buffett.
Posted By: seashell

Re: What did we miss??? - 04/16/03 04:35 PM

Punta dance, go to Crazy Canuks on Monday night.
Posted By: evening

Re: What did we miss??? - 04/16/03 05:05 PM

Hi Andrea-

Escabeche is raw fish marinated in lime juice, or vinegar - not quite sushi - cause the marinade sort of cooks the fish, but not really. I've seen it in a red sauce too. It's served all over Latin America with different spellings - and the French eat it too.
Posted By: Seaislegal

Re: What did we miss??? - 04/16/03 05:17 PM

Aha, like Ceviche! I am not a fish eater, but do like conch ceviche. I had a real good one last year at Blue Heaven in Key West.

Posted By: ckocian

Re: What did we miss??? - 04/16/03 05:21 PM

Escabeche is a chicken soup in a briny stock. A salty/sour flavor.

Liquado is a blended fruit drink, i.e. melon, strawberry or whatever seasonal fruit is available.
Posted By: Chloe

Re: What did we miss??? - 04/16/03 05:22 PM

Love cerviche.

Seaislegal, how do you travel to Key West?
Plane or car? I love Key West but the long drive to&from Miami is too much.
Posted By: o jackie

Re: What did we miss??? - 04/16/03 05:41 PM

Chloe, did you ever mention the Hideaway before. I do not recall. :rolleyes:

Posted By: Chloe

Re: What did we miss??? - 04/16/03 05:54 PM

Jackie, I posted our Christmas Dinner there, many months ago, but nothing recently.
Posted By: o jackie

Re: What did we miss??? - 04/16/03 05:56 PM

Oh, i was just confused from the previous post, so sorry. Where was my head? smile
Posted By: Seaislegal

Re: What did we miss??? - 04/16/03 07:29 PM

Chloe, we usually fly directly into Key West these days having done the drive from Miami a few times. Delta now has a direct flight from Atlanta. Its a nice drive through the keys the first time or so, but now we just want to get to Key West ASAP. I go there every year with a big group from here for the annual Parrothead Convention (aka, just a 5 day party for 2000 Parrotheads from as far as Australia) the week after Fantasy Fest. Guess I've been to KW about 10 times now, its a fantastic place where the locals are cool, we know folks that live there, and we have all our favorite haunts.

We stayed during the hurricane Michelle mandatory evacuation a couple of years back. Luckily the hurricane turned and didn't hit us, but it was funny to walk around the flooded streets with the boarded up windows of stores and such, and still find several bars open! Such is Key West.

Andrea in Atlanta
Posted By: Sandy C

Re: What did we miss??? - 04/17/03 12:40 AM

Sailing: Geraldo Badillo, 226-2264, fun and serene

Parasailing: Fido's Dock

Great local food: Los Cocos restaurant on north end of town, off middle street past Castillo's Hardware and Richie's Supermarket; wonderful whole fried snapper and fish fillets
Posted By: Marie

Re: What did we miss??? - 04/17/03 01:17 AM

A liquado is a lovely drink. Made of fruit. My hotel provides us with a blender, and most mornings we blend up a pineapple one. You can put all kinds of things in it, nothing but ice or coconut milk, even rum. But, the best I had was this little place on Front Street. I wish I remember the name, but do look for it. If you are heading North, in the vicinity of the Post Office, if I recall (any help here) it will be on your left side.
Posted By: evening

Re: What did we miss??? - 04/17/03 07:03 PM

I was on a train to NJ last night and it hit me that I was describing ceviche, not escabeche!!! Some foodie I am... If they found out at, I'd be banned from the board for life! By the way, if you're traveling in America and want restaurant recommendations, it is an incredible site!

was thinking of the Jamaican fish escovitch, that's prepared in onions, peppers, tomatoes with hot peppers....mmmmm
Posted By: ACfan

Re: What did we miss??? - 04/20/03 11:12 PM

Sign up for a day-long snorkel trip / beach barbeque - the place you stay should be able to help arrange it. We went with Dino from Paradise Resort. 2-3 snorkel stops in the morning. While you snorkel, the captain gets fresh fish for the lunch. Lunch was up north, towards the Basil Jones area. Follow up lunch with a walk along the beach, another snorkel stop and delivery back to the dock... Wonderful day.

Take the water taxi to Caye Caulker and spend the day. Take a day trip snorkeling with one of the guides from CC - if money is a concern, you can pay for the taxi, do a manatee trip from CC and still save $$ over the cost of leaving from AC. Or, do a local trip - the CC guides are perhaps more "bohemian" than the AC guides - try Johnny -long curly hair, ear and nipple rings and a great sail boat.

Go to one of the local churches - you'll meet real Belizeans - open, friendly and you'll probably be invited to someone's home. You'll see how happy and content people can be without the trivial "necessities of life" we're consummed with in the US. It'll change your perspective in a big way.
Posted By: Gela

Re: What did we miss??? - 04/30/03 05:58 AM

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