(sea)shelling on AC

Posted By: nnr

(sea)shelling on AC - 04/16/03 03:49 PM

How is the shelling on AC? Can anyone recommend a good place to find seashells? Nan
Posted By: mazzullo

Re: (sea)shelling on AC - 04/16/03 04:30 PM

There are many places to hunt shells. Any number of excellent local guides, like Luis Caliz (011-501-226-2785), Tulu at Coral Beach Dive Shop, Tito Alamilla at Ruby's, etc, can take you to places like Robles Point, beaches along the way on the frontside of Ambergris Caye, dredge sites south of San Pedro Town or just north of Cayo Espanto(which are excellent places for shelling), or into Chetumal Bay along the backside of Ambergris Caye.
Posted By: nnr

Re: (sea)shelling on AC - 04/16/03 04:39 PM

Thanks so much!
Posted By: seashell

Re: (sea)shelling on AC - 04/16/03 05:36 PM

Well, ya know what I first thought when I saw the header on this thread. :p
Posted By: sweetjane

Re: (sea)shelling on AC - 04/17/03 06:05 PM

i thought so too, seashell!

seriously, most pretty shells i personally have found (both north & south) had hermit crabs in them. they take ALL the good ones!! i came home with some, and some marines gave me 3 gorgeous conch's, with holes where they pulled them out. or, you can buy some off piasano wink
Posted By: GailM

Re: (sea)shelling on AC - 04/17/03 08:16 PM

I thought the same as Jane, Seashell...
Jane, do you remember the name of the marines that were at Caribe? I have a pic of them and I cannot remember their names. They were really nice guys.
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