Cave Tubing

Posted By: travelbum24

Cave Tubing - 04/22/03 06:42 PM

Any suggestions on what company
to use for cave tubing? Any bad trips or
things to watch out for?
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Re: Cave Tubing - 04/22/03 06:55 PM

My personal favorite for Jaguar Paw is Seaduced. Elito is a great guy and makes sure that everyone has a blast.
Just make sure you have hiking shoes for this trip. (I only packed sandles because I thought BZ was a barefoot haven... it is if you are on the Island...)
Posted By: o jackie

Re: Cave Tubing - 04/22/03 06:56 PM

Searious Adventures- been on quite a few with them and never a problem. Very knowledgable and extremely fun.
Posted By: ibirie

Re: Cave Tubing - 04/22/03 07:10 PM

I also would suggest Searious Adventures. We went cave tubing with them in March and had a blast. It was one of the coolest things I have ever done. As far as shoes go I had no problems in my Teva type sandals. There were no bugs when we went but I hear they can be bad at times so be sure to have some DEET with you. Also be sure and bring a disposable waterproof camera. There are some great photo ops while tubing. You might want to bring some plastic waterproof bags to keep some things dry. Don't rely on zip-lock baggies. I bougt a three pack of small dry bags at the sporting goods store for 9.99 and they worked great. Everyone who used zip-locks ended up with wet stuff. Have a few band-aids with you as well. There were a few scaped knees in our group but nothing major. Have a great time!!! You are gonna love it.
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Re: Cave Tubing - 04/22/03 07:13 PM

What exactly do you do on this cave tubing trip??? I have heard pros and cons for this trip?? Too long a day, too cold, too wet??? I am trying to make the best of my first trip there...
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Re: Cave Tubing - 04/22/03 07:48 PM

We went with Seaduced last April and had a great time. Tevas worked fine for the short hike. We got those waterproof coleman bags from the camping section of Sports Authority and they worked like a charm. There is a large locker that you can lock your dry clothes / Towels and such in while tubing. Definitely take a towel with you. Breakfast was included, fruit and muffins and water/juice from what I recall. Lunch was also included at Jaguar Paw and very tasty. We had asked in advance for beer and rum punch on that trip (as they don't normally have those) which were handy on the bus and boat ride. The Zoo was real neat as that is part of the trip too and we had fun on the boatride back. You can e-mail SeaDuced directly for more info as well. If you also search this board for "cave tubing" you'll get a lot of good posts on the topic also.

Andrea in Atlanta
Posted By: klcman

Re: Cave Tubing - 04/22/03 11:31 PM

Zip locks do work well, IF you know how to use them.

ya gotta suck the air out, just before you close it up.....draw the zipper up to about 3/4 inch, suck thr air out & pull it shut immediatley. works like a charm.
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