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Posted By: texasbug

top 5 - 04/23/03 10:53 PM

If you could only do 3 activities on the Island.....what would they be? ( besides fishing and diving)

top 5 places to eat??

top 5 for partying??
Posted By: Marie

Re: top 5 - 04/23/03 11:04 PM

Re eat....(1)Jambel Jerk Pit if you like spicy food (they can tone it down if you don't - I like the coconut curry shrimp AND wonderful key lime pie, (2) Ambergris Delights for fried fish or conch, (3) Sweet Basil when you get fed up with Belizean food, (4) Mickey's for their Mexican combo plate and (5) Wine Devine to pick up cheeses, pate and bread for a fine picnic. Have a great time! Might also add, Celi's deli has some of the oddest, but really tasty tamales for a snack.
Posted By: Johnboy

Re: top 5 - 04/23/03 11:13 PM

Texasbug...What part of Texas do ou live in?????
@ places you don't want to miss--Papi's & Blue Water Grill( Seabreeze) Jambel Jerk & Sweet basil's are great also.......Have heard the new one at Banna Beach is really good also...Can hardly wait for July 4th ,so we can try it.....
Have a great trip.....Johnboy smile wink smile
Posted By: mobunny

Re: top 5 - 04/23/03 11:32 PM

My top three activities would be:
1) check out the north and south end of the island in a golfcart
2) Rent a small hobie cat and sail up and down the island for an afternoon
3) go parasailing

Top 5 places to eat would be (not necessarilty in this order):
1) Rubies for breakfast
2) Cannibal's
3) Bluewater Grill
4) Jade Garden
5) Mambo's

Top 5 party places(not necessarily in this order):
1) Cannibal's
2) BC's
3) Hideaway Sports Bar
4) Palapa Bar
5) The beach in front of Ramon's
Posted By: Chloe

Re: top 5 - 04/23/03 11:51 PM

HELLO....someone at FIDO'S should note Fido's did not make the list........WHY?

Few months ago I would have added Fido's as my favorite, but there has been some not so good reports on visiting Fido's as of late.
Posted By: skullyboy

Re: top 5 - 04/24/03 01:45 AM

Like maybe the new cover charge?
Posted By: seashell

Re: top 5 - 04/24/03 02:48 AM

It's not just that. For some reason the reno'd place just ain't the same
Posted By: o jackie

Re: top 5 - 04/24/03 11:11 AM

1)Manatee trip with Searious
2)All Day Catamaran
3)Bachlar Chico

1)El Divino
2)Casa Picasso

1)El Divino Martini Bar
2)Lucifers aka Coconuts

Posted By: Seaislegal

Re: top 5 - 04/24/03 02:53 PM

Things to do

1.) Bring a cheap float from home and just float in the water off your beach. Park a soft sided cooler on the pier for easy Beliken access!
2.) Parasailing with Tony
3.) Cave Tubing with Seaduced
4.) Catamaran to Caye Caulker
5.) Snorkeling Hol Chan
6.) Just exploring the island in general


1) Caliente's (our fav last year.. yum yum yum!)
2.) BC's Sunday BBQ another major yum!!
3.) Jambel Jerk Pit
4.) Estel's breakfast
5.) All the places I have heard raves about but not yet been to (El Divino, Elvi's and Casa Picasso stand out)

1.) Squirrel's Nest at Mata Rocks.. a fun daytime place to kick back!
2.) Palapa Bar
3.) Sharks Bar (Tues night was a lot of fun)
4.) Pier House for Chicken Drop
5.) Cholo's and Wet Willies.. right near each other and were two fun stops on a pub crawl last year.
6.) Jaguars for Thursday Karaoke! We didn't know till later that they broadcast the karaoke on the local radio!

Fido's was fun last year but appeared to be the most touristy. If they charge a cover charge, we'll skip that one. Crazy Canucks looked fun but we only managed to hit it on a "dead" night.. guess we didn't know the right time to go! There was another thread on here (might have been under the Black and White thread) where they were talking about doing a golf cart pub crawl to the more obscure bars. I plan on checking some of those more local places out this year.

Andrea in Atlanta
9 days and a wake-up to go!
Posted By: Barb(ie)

Re: top 5 - 04/24/03 03:08 PM

1. Rent a golf cart and just drive around Give rides to anyone who asks.
2. Check out the lagoon and watch people feed the crok! We have found that if you put your cart in reverse the beeping sound affects with the croks and they'll come out of the water. Also this way you are ready to leave if they get too close!
3. Go out on the water for a day. It is the most relaxing thing you can do. (Make sure you have a LOT of sun screen with you)

Places to eat:
Rubies for breakfast. They have the BEST cinnamon rolls!
Ramon's for lunch
Caliente anytime!
Crazy Canucks the people here are the sweetest!
Hide Away if it's still open.
Jaguars for Karaoke Night!
The best thing to do is lose your shoes your watch and just walk around town and talk to the locals!
Posted By: texasbug

Re: top 5 - 04/24/03 03:51 PM

Johnboy.... La Grange Central Texas is where we are from.....

Thanks to all for the Top 5, it has been really helpful>> Keep the ideas coming. I am going to print this off before I leave for my trip on May 8 and keep it with me for a good reference....
Posted By: squeakiefrank

Re: top 5 - 04/24/03 04:04 PM

Texasbug~ thanks, I will also take the information with me, we leave may 23 no watch no shoes YEAH!
Posted By: Chucklebutt

Re: top 5 - 04/24/03 04:27 PM

Check out my post from a few weeks ago about the top 10 things to do. Its a great list too!

8 more days to AC for me!!!
Posted By: Big Frank

Re: top 5 - 04/24/03 04:40 PM

I will add.
Happy Hour and pretty good volleyball at Caribe Island, 3 miles south of town. You could hit the Vic too, my fave "classy " place. JJ Walker's Casa Gonzo is right there also[private home] 4p. Albert, if he is still at Caribe, makes a deadly rum punch [I drink Belikin Amber if you care to salute.] and the locals and travelers gather for good v-ball. Usually there is are a few teenagers, some locals and weekend warriors, like me. water taxi down and take their shuttle back at 6:30. [will they let non-guests use it?]

I loved the Winnie Estelle steamer tour to Caye Caulker.

Don't forget, perhaps most important of all, some serious, non-scheduled down time--the beach, sand in the toes, gazing of to the horizon and wondering "How the hell could I live here?"

I really miss AC. But, don't cry for me, Argentina. Section 116 in the Pepsi Can in Denver Tonite, I will be the one in the garish shirt singing along with Saint Jimmy, "I shot 6 holes in my freezer, I thinh I've got cabin fever, I wanna do where it's warm. Boat Drinks!"
Posted By: Barb(ie)

Re: top 5 - 04/24/03 04:47 PM

Really REALLY, remember to put on sun screen. It totally SUCKS when you get burnt and it's your first timeto AC!!!
Posted By: Seaislegal

Re: top 5 - 04/24/03 04:57 PM


Saw Jimmy twice in the last week, first in Atlanta and then roadtripped to Nashville (12th row and backstage there.. woo hoo!)

The line I am quoting the most of his this week is "I wanna go back, to the islands!"

9 days and counting
Andrea in Atlanta
"Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes, nothing remains quite the same"
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