biting things

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biting things - 04/24/03 04:58 PM

Hello-this is my first post to this board. We will be on AC in early May. I need to know about pica-pica, sand fleas, sea lice, and no-see-ums. I have heard the latter can be repelled with sunscreen oil, not lotion. Is this true, and will it work for the other nasties as well?
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Re: biting things - 04/24/03 05:01 PM

i have never had any problems with any type of bugs while staying on the island.
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Re: biting things - 04/24/03 05:19 PM

I never had a problem in town with bugs except the giant roaches in Fido's hotel (years ago). BUT...on a trip to the northern beach we were almost totally consumed by what we in Alabama call yellow flies. They have an awful bite that puts a whelp on me the size of a half dollar. I'm bringing 31% deet this time. These flies may be seasonal as they are here in the deep south. eek
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Re: biting things - 04/24/03 05:34 PM

Originally posted by maya10:
Hello-this is my first post to this board. We will be on AC in early May. I need to know about pica-pica, sand fleas, sea lice, and no-see-ums. I have heard the latter can be repelled with sunscreen oil, not lotion. Is this true, and will it work for the other nasties as well?
Hey, another Missourian ! We live just north from Springfield, Mo. we are not originally from this state, but we have been here for about 14 years. The real insect problems in Belize in the bush. San Pedro usually has a good sound breeze from the sea. Cutters with deet knocks out mosquito action. Best-wishes, mel......
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Re: biting things - 04/24/03 06:17 PM

Hi, we were in San Pedro this past March. We had no problems with bugs in on our beach or in town at all(although we were prepared with a big can of 31% DEET!) I think the bugs stayed away at the beach because Ramon's (where we stayed) rakes the beach everyday and there is a nice constant breeze. We had stopped at Captain Morgan's for a drink on our golf cart ride up north. One of the people I was with got a few no-see-um bites. After one snorkel stop (I haven't figured out if it was at Goff's Caye or by Caye Caulker) I broke out in what I later figured out (thanks to this message board) was a pica pica rash. It was kinda nasty looking but wasn't too bad and cleared up in about a week.
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Re: biting things - 04/24/03 08:59 PM

Mel- We live down near Joplin-practically neighbors! A friend was on a diving trip to a very small island(25 people total) last spring, and neglected to use oil the last day. Ended up getting cortisone shots back home because she was covered w/ no-see-um bites! We will be staying at Ramon's also. You guys are giving me high hopes for our trip, can't wait!
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Re: biting things - 04/29/03 10:33 PM

Hey Maya10,
I'm in Tulsa, but lived in Miami OK, and Nevada MO in other lifetimes. Small world huh.

Where are you staying and when do you arrive? Do you dive? Got my Advanced Certification at Oranogo, north of Joplin just last July. Captain John's place - man that water was colder than a witches tit!!! eek

We are planning a little get together of about 40 or so "friends of the board" at Bcs BBQ on Sunday the 4th. You and yours are invited to partake with us and get aquainted with other like minded individuals. And if you're not there on the 4th, there's always the 11th. We're there til the 12th. cool

The Shark
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Re: biting things - 04/29/03 10:52 PM

Never had a bug problem in Ambergris. While in the jungle area south of Belize the mosquitos acted like we were their first sign of food for the year. They buzzed around us in flocks. Never got one bite. Used 100% Deet in Deep Woods Off. It sells at any Walgreens or Eckerds. It was great. smile
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Re: biting things - 04/29/03 11:13 PM

I'm with "It's me". I always take Deep Woods Off, 95% Deet. Make sure you get the right stuff, there is some Deep Woods Off that is only 27.5% Deet. There was a huge thread about this some time ago. Use the search function, search for "DEET" or "deet" or Deep Woods Off under my number 1519, and the thread should come up. There was some pretty good stuff said in that thread as I recall.

In any event, lots of times the wind blows and keeps the skeeters off of ya on the beach side but the noseeums can make a pretty good snack of your feet and ankles. I almost always put lots of Deep Woods on my feet, ankles and lower legs. If we are going to be hanging about on the sand in the evening or whatever, I put it on my arms, neck, etc. too.

I take Benadryl and hydrocortizone cream with me. If I get some nasty bites anyway, I take some Benadryl and use the cream and I'm generally set in a day or two and don't seem to react to the bites so much anymore.

Everyone is different, some people have terrible reactions and others not so bad. I'd rather be prepared myself.

And as you've seen in the posts above, you've no real way of being sure that there won't be any bugs where you are when you are. smile
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Re: biting things - 04/30/03 12:02 AM

River Shark-
We actually fly out of Tulsa the morning of May 7 and will return May 14. We will be at Ramon's for 7 nights. What is "BC's"? We don't dive but have developed a passion for snorkeling. Less expensive, and less equipment to carry. Maybe we can get together on the 11th. I'm assuming you were diving in "Big Blue" at Oronogo.
I've heard there are still trucks and mining equip. at the bottom, and a sunk airplane. Pretty neat. I usually use Bug'n'Sun, but will stock up on the Deet too. Better safe than sorry! Up here, it's usually the chiggers that get me. Sorry we have to miss the fun on the 4th. Sounds like a good time!
Posted By: River Shark

Re: biting things - 04/30/03 02:28 PM

Look us up after you get in and get a feel for the surrondings. We're staying at the Paradise Villas in 2B. If we're not there leave a note, and we'll hook up. We leave AC on 5/12. We're AC rookies but we will have a handle on the place in no time.

BCs has a BBQ every Sunday - I think everybody goes.

Don't know about Big Blue, that must be what you call the big pit. But Oranogo does have a plane, a car, a bus I think, mining euipment in the shafts, and a bunch misc. stuff in the bottom. It is actually an old lead and zinc mine, that provided lead for the wars from the Civil War thru WWII. Then they flooded it, with a depth of around 200', there are shafts starting at a depth of about 80' that run for up to 30-miles - all the way to Picher OK. But you probably know all that.
I can tell you that the water on the surface and the water at 110' is not related. The thermal-cline was at 25' - in July the water goes from 80 to 65 degerees & every 10' it goes down another 2-3 degrees - at 110' it was a cold s-o-b, and I had on a 7-mill wetsuit w/hood. The tech guys going in the shafts wore drysuits of course (the bastards). Maybe I was only meant to dive in warm Carribean water.

(You can e-mail me at [email protected])

See ya in paradise.

The Shark
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Re: biting things - 05/01/03 02:15 PM

Dang!! I didn't know they made 100% deet. I thought that strong it would take your skin off and give you brain damage.
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Re: biting things - 05/01/03 04:49 PM

Shark- Look us up at Ramon's May 7-14 or we will leave word at your resort. We definitely plan to hit BC's BBQ on the 11th. My hubby will have very short red hair and a lot of freckles(might look like a tan from a distance). Just yell out "OZ" and he'll get the message. Have a safe trip and let's get together on AC!
Posted By: Mike and Daphne Ryan

Re: biting things - 05/01/03 04:59 PM

I've always had luck with Skin So Soft mixed half and half with water (and shaken before using). It takes care of mosquitos and no-see-ums. The no-see-ums seem to land and just stop.

But there hasn't been much of a bug problem on AC in the months we've been there (Dec, Jan, Feb). Just some mosquitos at dusk. I understand that the mosquitos go away in June, July.

If you find something that stops biting flies, let me know.

Mike Ryan
Posted By: seashell

Re: biting things - 05/01/03 05:04 PM

You are right about the higher percentage DEET products. Treat the container and contents with respect. It will peel your nailpolish and dissolve other items. I keep mine in a little ziplock and that seems to keep things safe enough.
Always, always wash your hands after application.
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Re: biting things - 05/01/03 05:05 PM

Shark- guess I should mention, I don't know yet which room we will be in, but leave a note at the desk for "Oz" if you want, and we will get it.
Posted By: dogmatic prevaricator

Re: biting things - 05/01/03 05:06 PM

I was bug-free during my stay in town, however, during my sojourns north and south of town, the only problems I had is with the flies. These flies are not only impervious to repellants, they fly faster than a golf cart. I can only hope my blood alcohol content had a negative effect, but alas, I'll never know.
Posted By: seashell

Re: biting things - 05/02/03 11:13 PM

Hmmm, dp, your blood alcohol count may have had something to do with the flies being attracted to you.

And to the other poster that was concerned about DEET giving them brain damage. Don't worry about that, San Pedro seems to make us all come home a bit crazy anyway.
Posted By: dogmatic prevaricator

Re: biting things - 05/02/03 11:21 PM

yeah, they were flying kinda squirrely during the afterbite, or maybe that was relative to my driving, or maybe I was on a deet high, nonetheless, a good time was had by all.
Posted By: Mel S

Re: biting things - 05/03/03 12:46 AM

The Beef-worms, or bot-flies in the bush are pretty freaky. The bot flies' eggs, and then the larvas stay under your skin until ready to "pop-out". In between they make their own breath holes via your skin. Later they pop out of the hosts skin and drop to the ground digging into the soil. Later they make it to being an adult fly. The Belizean agric. minis. has fought against this nasty flies for years, and it appears there are not so many problems. Spray yourself for deet products always. Of course Tommy-Goffs don't care about sprays.............mel s.
Posted By: seashell

Re: biting things - 05/03/03 12:14 PM

Geez . . .MelS . . .thanks for that . . .geez . .
Posted By: maya10

Re: biting things - 05/03/03 03:09 PM

I found a lot of info on "creeping eruption" (I knew some guys that suffered from that...) which is the "migrans" you wrote about. I don't recommend reading it over your morning java and donuts, unless you have a strong stomach, work in healthcare, or are just sick and twisted! smile
Posted By: Mel S

Re: biting things - 05/03/03 03:49 PM

Originally posted by seashell:
Geez . . .MelS . . .thanks for that . . .geez . .
Hey, no problem brudda ! Read on this on this link about the warble fly, or the Beef-flies called in Belize : it is interesting. San pedro, has no real livestock, nor large amount of wild deer, so there is no real high risk of getting this sci-fi fly pest. Again, the Belizean gov., has fought against this pest, and winning. Later, mel......
Posted By: dogmatic prevaricator

Re: biting things - 05/03/03 04:53 PM

hey, i think i might have had that creeping eruption thing after a steady diet of tacos, burittos, and frijoles. confused
Posted By: It's Me

Re: biting things - 05/03/03 05:34 PM

While south of Belmopan we ran into someone with Bot Fly. It is a raised spot on the skin and itches a lot. They say if you sufficate it then it dies. You can put clear nail polish on the area.
To Maya10 who first started this post: You are hearing all the bad bugs. Most people have no problems,especially in San Pedro. You'll love it.
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Re: biting things - 05/03/03 06:24 PM

We just got back from 10 days in Paradise!! And had no problems except for mosquitos up north and just Deep wood off held them off. Hope this helps.
Thanks, Rick
Posted By: maya10

Re: biting things - 05/03/03 10:53 PM

Oh, don't worry- a few rashes and parasites won't stop us! I just want to be prepared, and well-armed if necessary. 95% DEET scares me worse than the bugs! Sounds like you could use it to strip floors. Eek!
Posted By: maya10

Re: biting things - 05/03/03 10:55 PM

Just curious-what kind of effect do you get if you combine Bellikins or Rum Punch and Benadryl? confused
Posted By: dbdoberman

Re: biting things - 05/03/03 10:56 PM

I've heard a couple of the ladies on here complain about land shark bites. I don't know what kind of repellant you need for that one.
Posted By: SP Daily

Re: biting things - 05/03/03 11:33 PM

Pepper spray
Posted By: denverdan

Re: biting things - 05/03/03 11:34 PM

Ya need the MaMa for those Land Sharks and then they just vanish... wink

For all others we use UltraThron.
Posted By: seashell

Re: biting things - 05/04/03 12:09 AM

OK, I'll bite (grin) what's the MaMa?
Posted By: Marie

Re: biting things - 05/04/03 04:15 AM

Yup, Maya, I think you found it. It really is awful if you go back to the States to have it diagnosed. They have no idea of what it is. But, anyone who does get it, and sees a doctor in Belize should be fine in a couple days. The medicine is supposed to be hard on the liver, so be advised. You can avoid it by not going barefoot, but I haven't been able to give that treat up.
Posted By: dbdoberman

Re: biting things - 05/04/03 11:54 AM

ya, and that lumpy looking sand.....keep an eye out for that! :p
Posted By: denverdan

Re: biting things - 05/06/03 03:37 AM

Sorry SS, I had no intention of leaving you hanging... wink
The MaMa would be me, aka "da MaMa"
When I spot them land sharks checkin out my girls, (teen girls that is) I come over, and they for some reason are repelled. Sometimes I point at da Dada, and OH MY, they are history... eek
Posted By: maya10

Re: biting things - 05/06/03 04:03 AM

I'm just happy to meet some other people old enough to remember Land Shark. The college kids I work with are just TOO YOUNG to remember!
Posted By: seashell

Re: biting things - 05/06/03 05:19 AM

LOL, thanks for the "de mama" story.

And as for remembering the Land Shark. Heck, all a girl has to do is spend a few minutes or so in San Pedro and there's bound to be one or more come around.
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