Corona del Mar

Posted By: ga peach

Corona del Mar - 04/25/03 07:17 PM

Wow! I can't believe it. I just booked a trip there leaving June 3. This will be my 2nd trip to AC. Does anyone have any experiences to share regarding the Corona del Mar?

Re: Corona del Mar - 04/25/03 09:45 PM

Be VERY careful around Woody's 18 hour per day complimentary rum punch. I've been told that it can get one in a tad of trouble.
Posted By: Teenah

Re: Corona del Mar - 04/28/03 04:35 PM

Ga Peach,

I stayed at Corona Del Mar last June for a few days. I loved it and found the people who work there to be very nice. I was traveling alone and felt safe knowing that they kept an "eye" out for me. It's true what they say about the rum punch!
Have a great time.

Posted By: Chucklebutt

Re: Corona del Mar - 04/28/03 05:03 PM

Hi GA Peach,

I'm traveling to AC on Friday and am staying at the Corona Del Mar. I will post details upon my return. smile
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Re: Corona del Mar - 05/01/03 01:38 AM

Early evening every day has Frank, JR, and others on the beach playing horse shoes......they are always looking for someone to join them (even if just 1 person). They will most likely win, but you'll enjoy their laid back friendlly attitude. I know I did!!!!
Posted By: kerry

Re: Corona del Mar - 05/03/03 06:49 AM

thanx for the input on corona del in the process of making arrangements with leat now i know my feelings about the place was right on target....kerry
Posted By: Chucklebutt

Re: Corona del Mar - 05/10/03 08:34 PM

Just got back. Corona Del Mar was GREAT! Location, location, location. Right next door to Coconuts and within walking distance to everything. Make sure you get an oceanfront room, its well worth it.

Pamela and Kelly are the best. You'll meet Sunny there too... the resident happy pooch.

I'll be staying there again on my next trip.
Posted By: Chloe

Re: Corona del Mar - 05/10/03 09:19 PM

Good to see you posting Chucklebutt, glad you had a great trip.

Question, isn't that pooch's name Brandy?
Posted By: KathyA

Re: Corona del Mar - 05/11/03 01:17 AM

Hi, GA Peach. I'm Kathy. My group will be there from May 31st to June 7th. One of our group is ma teacher from Winder. The rest of us are from Macon. Let's meet up!
Posted By: rickcheri

Re: Corona del Mar - 05/11/03 05:08 AM

Posted By: ga peach

Re: Corona del Mar - 05/12/03 12:07 PM

Wow Kathy, what a small world we live in. I actually live in Winder, Georgia. However, we were unable to confirm our room for the first week in June and had to change our visit to June 19-26. But we are happy about the change because we will be there during lobster and conch season. Yummy. eek
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Corona del Mar - 05/12/03 03:21 PM

Kathy and Peach,
Maybe by the time we all leave, the Island will have that wonderful GA drawl! I'll be down from this Friday until June 26. Stop by Caribe Island for panty-rippers!!
Vicki (from Moultrie)
Posted By: ga peach

Re: Corona del Mar - 05/12/03 03:30 PM

Kathy/Vicky I will look forward to meeting you. Are you going to be there with a group? It is just going to be my boyfriend and me. Have you been there before? We were there 3 years ago and loved it. Ya'll take care now. laugh
Posted By: Chucklebutt

Re: Corona del Mar - 05/12/03 03:30 PM

I think the big shepherd-type white dog is Brandy... the little brown one is Sunny.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Corona del Mar - 05/12/03 04:01 PM

Hi Peach,
I think you'll have a great vacation!
My husband and I own the Caribe Island Resort. I live in GA part time and BZ part time, but Butch stays down in BZ most of the time. It's so laid back and friendly.
I look forward to meeting you guys!
Posted By: Seaislegal

Re: Corona del Mar - 05/19/03 03:24 PM

What are the rooms like at Corona Del Mar.. whats the difference between the various room categories? What is the difference between the "Penthouse" and "paradise" room categories? Did I read free rum punch??? Is that all day ??

Some friends of mine are interested in Corona Del Mar so I am looking to get more info about it. Is there a pool or can you use Coconuts when you go to the bar there? Is there a restaurant on site as it mentions free breakfast? What do all the rooms have in them and are they big rooms? Any details are appreciated and photos if available.

Andrea in Atlanta
Posted By: jerce

Re: Corona del Mar - 05/19/03 04:40 PM

It was noisy the 1st of Feb. due to construction, but that may be finished by now.
And yes, you read rum punch!
For pictures and more info, go to top of page and click on 'Lodging' and select Corona Del Mar.
It's the perfect distance from town as far as I'm concerned and a nice stroll along the beach.
The few times I have been down there, a power outage has always occurred, but it's no problem once you learn Woody ALWAYS has ice!!!
Posted By: dogmatic prevaricator

Re: Corona del Mar - 05/19/03 06:57 PM

Wasn't Deliverance filmed near Winder, GA?? BTW, that was my favorite love story.
Posted By: ga peach

Re: Corona del Mar - 05/19/03 07:38 PM

yeah....a couple of my uncles had walk on rolls.
Posted By: dogmatic prevaricator

Re: Corona del Mar - 05/19/03 07:42 PM

Posted By: Gela

Re: Corona del Mar - 05/19/03 07:46 PM

Andrea, while staying at Coconuts two weeks ago, I saw many guests from Corona swimming in Coconuts pool - looks like Woody may have an agreement with Coconut's staff.

Jerce - a note on the power outages - Woody had a generator and powered it up when the power went out on early Sunday morning May 4. Corona del Mar is the place to be (other that BCs Bar who also have a generator) during these aparent rolling black outs.

I don't think you can go wrong with Corona. Have fun!
Posted By: Chucklebutt

Re: Corona del Mar - 05/20/03 02:32 PM

Andrea -

Here's what I know about the "room types". Our friends booked an "Ocean View" room. It had cable TV, a queen size bed, a mini fridge, a small bathroom and a deck/veranda overlooking the water. Big enough for two people.

Our room was a "penthouse or suite"... same ammenities, but more square footage in the room.

They were both nice. I'd almost prefer the smaller room as the air conditioner cooled the room more.

The lobby and back patio are made for hanging out and drinking Woody's free rum punch (no hawaiian punch used in his recipe... real fruit juice).

And we used the Coconuts pool all week... no questions asked, but we did make a lot of pruchases at the bar.

There is no restaurant at Corona Del Mar,however, their continental breakfast is GREAT with tons of local fresh fruit, homemade cookies, cereal, etc.(we highly recommend the cinnamon rolls). We only ate elsewhere for breakfast twice - and both times it was at Estel's.

Hope that helps. I'll definitely stay there again on my next trip.

Posted By: ga peach

Re: Corona del Mar - 05/20/03 02:39 PM

Thanks....we are booked for the sunset view. Do you know if it will have a fridge as well?
Posted By: KathyA

Re: Corona del Mar - 05/20/03 02:56 PM

Sorry we're going to miss you GA Peach. Yes, we have a group of 10 going.
Posted By: steve the sound man

Re: Corona del Mar - 05/22/03 12:37 AM

Hi Ga Peach

We are visting the Corona Del Mar from 05/30 to 06/09. We stayed there this new year till the 13th Jan and had a ball. smile smile Woody is great and he gets and more controversial with every rum punch eek eek a great way to spend the early evenings and what he doesn't know about the area is not worth knowing laugh laugh

The staff are all great to nothing is too much for any of the staff watch out for Frank he is the Horseshoe king

We only booked last week and we are moving rooms a couple of times but it will be great to just be there again.

The breakfast is just right for all tastes

Woody and the staff will also help you choose the best trips based on value for money not commission for the hotel

Cant wait for our departure

Marilyn and Steve from the UK
Posted By: ga peach

Re: Corona del Mar - 05/22/03 12:17 PM

Thanks for the report....make sure you save some of that rum punch for me. We will be arriving June 19-26. Can't wait.
Posted By: steve the sound man

Re: Corona del Mar - 05/22/03 11:25 PM

hi GA Peach

just remembered cool cool we put some photos of our last visit on

You will see some of the staff on the pictures and some of the pictures are taken at Crazy Canucks bar next door to the Corona Del Mar
Posted By: ga peach

Re: Corona del Mar - 05/23/03 02:15 AM

Thanks Steve, the pictures are great. I can't wait to get there.
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