BC's - 04/30/03 10:12 PM

I havent been here for awhile, but that doesent mean that I have stopped about thinking about the greatest place on earth.

A couple of up-date questions, maybe Marty, Gaz or Rick-Cheri are still out there.

Our last visit was almost three years ago, like a lot of Gringo's we fell in love with BC'S, when we were there it was located right on the Beach....have they moved?

And I cant believe all of the new additions, lodging wise. Is it growing and getting commercialized?

Koz ---Denver
Posted By: denverdan

Re: BC's - 04/30/03 10:34 PM

The Island certainly IS building up Koz!
We were there this past Jan and March. Geeze..., you should see it.
But no worries dude...
BC's is still there AND still totally rocks! laugh
Posted By: Debbie

Re: BC's - 05/01/03 03:42 PM

KOZ!!! My old buddy!! How the hell are you?? How's Debbie? Remember me? We were at BC's with you! We had similar foot problems and you shared your meds for swollen feet... Sounds gross, but I don't know what I would have done without you. So when are you going back? Yes, it has developed a bit. some of the improvements were needed, and others took away from the quaintness, but the place is still awesome. Didn't change enough to keep most of us away..... Let me know when you go, and it was a delight hearing from you again..... Still have pictures of you two at BC's.... Debbie
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