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places to stay - 05/02/03 06:17 PM

i'm new to this board and to belize, so i have a couple of questions. my family and i are branching out from our much loved jamaica this winter break for the first time in 10 years. we are looking for a similar housing situation however. we would like a 'self catering' cottage, verandah, kitchen etc. nothing fancy, with at least 2 bedrooms. we have a 15 y/o and a 10 y/o. [both boys]. we are quite accustomed to simplicity, and being in a 'yard' with local families, but prefer our own house. any such thing on ambergris? also, what is the coast like in belize proper? off the majorly beaten path is more our style than real hopping places, but a little action is appealing to the 15 y/o. any suggestions are appreciated, thanks.
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Re: places to stay - 05/02/03 06:32 PM

the barefoot iguana is all the action you'll ever need! i wouldn't let him go by himself though. housing? Maybe Ramons, Vic, or JE.
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Re: places to stay - 05/02/03 07:28 PM

For Ambergris Caye: recommend you check with Mary Hawthorne at Caye Management who manages many rentals and check Casa Tortuga which is an individual rental; both have links above under the "Goods & Services" drop down menu. The best coastlines we have seen in Belize are at the cayes. The mainland coastline we have seen both north and south of Belize City has had murkier water and reef activities were much farther out by boat. Happy first trip!
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Re: places to stay - 05/02/03 08:49 PM

Whatever you end up booking, make sure that it is south of the river cut. I'm just saying this because I believe with a 15 year old boy, he's going to want to be able to get out and about. Up on the northside, there's not much to do other than water activities. I believe it will be a much more enjoyable vacation for your boys, if they are closer to town.
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Re: places to stay - 05/02/03 11:26 PM

We stayed at Casa Caracol in January and found it to be a great location at a great price. It is within walking distance to the heart of town and right on the beach. It has 3 BR and 2 baths.
Marie and Phil were great hosts, they can set up any day trips you are interested in and they were quite helpful in answering any questions you might have about what to see and do.
I would highly recommend this place, sounds like it might be a good fit for your family.
Check it out on the lodging page of the website.
One trip to Belize and you will be hooked, just like the rest of us! laugh
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