Freshly home from AC!

Posted By: Chucklebutt

Freshly home from AC! - 05/10/03 08:56 PM

I'm not gonna give too much detail right now because I'm still experiencing island withdrawls (and trying to sober up after tequila shots and dancing on the bar at Lucifers), but it was really great.

My volume drink of choice was the panty ripper, but my favorite sipping cocktail hands down was the watermelon martini at Casa Picasso.

The food everywhere was great too, but again, Casa Picasso topped my list.

I'll do full restaurant reviews in another posting. As a foodie, its my moral obligation.

Wind was a major issue and we only got to snorkel one day (the water was so choppy, that the only place that I felt safe was Tres Cocos).

I got two really great digital group shots of a bunch of the boarders that met up at BCs on Sunday - I'm tecnically challenged, so CaptJeff offered to post them for us.

CaptJeff, when you read this, please let me know how to send them to you.

Hope this nibble keeps you coming back for more. I'll post more details on Monday.

Posted By: Windsor3

Re: Freshly home from AC! - 05/11/03 02:05 AM

I look forward to your more detailed post! I , too, am a "foodie", so that will be a highlight for me.
Please tell, what exactly is in a "panty ripper", or whatever it is called. Martinis at Casa Picasso's will certainly be enjoyed by me!
Posted By: Chucklebutt

Re: Freshly home from AC! - 05/12/03 03:28 PM

A Panty Ripper is usually:

Coconut Rum
Pineapple Juice
(some bars add lime juice, grenadine and a cherry)
Posted By: Rapier

Re: Freshly home from AC! - 05/12/03 04:40 PM

Cheryl, would you be the ones I heard about dancing on the bar last Monday [may 5] ???

If so, I must say it sounded like you had a REALLY good time. I know Axeman may never be the same laugh eek laugh
Posted By: Chucklebutt

Re: Freshly home from AC! - 05/13/03 04:06 PM

Uh hmmmm. Yes, that would be us. I'm sad that Axe didn't make his presence known... we would have peeled a bananafor him too!
Posted By: Chucklebutt

Re: Freshly home from AC! - 05/13/03 04:12 PM

wait, we were on the bar on Sunday night not Monday...whew I thought we were caught!
Posted By: captjeff

Re: Freshly home from AC! - 05/14/03 08:24 PM

my dearest e mail is [email protected] send them to the capt.I will give it to my internet crew to do for you .we all had a great time you and the chuck man are great fun .the may group was fun ,love to party and like the sun and have a great week in the water ,and on the island ,lets do it soon all of us ....
Posted By: Chucklebutt

Re: Freshly home from AC! - 05/16/03 03:41 PM

Hi Capt! Please check your e-mail. A great time was had by all. We'll definitely be back! Don't worry...I'll stay on the boards smile
Posted By: denverdan

Re: Freshly home from AC! - 05/19/03 11:12 PM

LOL I don't know what Sunday OR Monday you guys were dancin on the bar... but we are still waitin to hear more reports AND pictures. laugh
Sounds fun!
Posted By: captjeff

Re: Freshly home from AC! - 05/21/03 01:51 PM

chucklebutt,your photo is up ,my team of internet genius is waiting for the formula to make photo smaller ??????but bigger is better,they say .the capt.loves ya............
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