Pollution Solution,etc?

Posted By: bywarren

Pollution Solution,etc? - 05/28/03 06:54 PM

This is an off-shute to the topic of gas powered golf carts.

Let's ask a really far out question as a thought starter.

What do you think would happen if all the tourists in the world said to Ambergris Caye that they would not come there until AC and Belize provided environmentaly safe and modern treatment and disposal of garbage and sewage, prohibited any further distruction of mangrove and dredging of the sea to manufacture land, had a moretorium on building, could provide consistant water and electricity, had roads and streets that did not produce either contaminent dust or pot holes and mud, had a sensible policy that regulated vehicles based on need and not a "who you know" policy, enforced speed and trafic laws revoking licenses of multiple offenders, had regulations that required all engines both on boats and vehicles to be maintained in order to reduce pollution and be replaced with modern low polluting engines when obsolete, have a hospital capable of providing reasonable health care, had a police department that was capable of controlling crime including a magistrate on the island at all times to effect swift legal action?

I bet we would be amazed at how fast and how much of that could and would happen if the goverment and business community were faced with that.

As I said, a really far out question. laugh
Posted By: toad

Re: Pollution Solution,etc? - 05/28/03 10:29 PM

yeah, and all i really want to do is catch a buzz , go diving, and eat some seafood...usually in that order...
Posted By: Miss Anthropy

Re: Pollution Solution,etc? - 05/28/03 10:45 PM

Yo Warren, that's way far out! Its like some crazy dream I have...

Living for the moment, sort of like teenagers do, seems to be the mindset of the majority of people/groups who are in charge of those issues. Question: Do you think those particular folks who could make some changes like that realize how positively impacted their, and everyone else's lives would be regardless of how many tourists show up? I just don't know if they get it or not. Either way, its their town, their call. The citizenry of places like Bermuda that have implemented some of these types of solutions are healthy and wealthy and can name their price on tourists any day. But I still choose A/C over places like Bermuda for a reason. A/C and Belize have the natural beauty to be a BIG TIME destination ($$$) if the impact of growth is managed well. But it ain't. San Pedro could be the best of both worlds-laid back little slice of heaven and an eco-paradise where there are lots of jobs for locals and better reasons to invest foreign dollars for a long-term. Do you think the taxi drivers in the minivans in SP ever get bored speeding back and forth, using all that gas, over that little 3-4 mile stretch of road, even when they are travelling empty because of the lack of tourists?
Posted By: bywarren

Re: Pollution Solution,etc? - 05/28/03 11:33 PM

Bermuda is the perfect example. I have used it often when discussing these issues, especially the comparison of the taxi drivers. (For those of you who have not been there, taxi dirvers are very courtious and will not speed. You had better leave your hotel with enough time to make your flight going the speed limit, or you will miss your flight).

And yes, I agree that AC has more to offer than Bermuda for alot of people. That is why I choose to live here as opposed to Bermuda.

The question is, will AC continue to have that to offer if the goverment and businesses do not invest in the environment and infrastructure as Bermuda has done?

Bermuda and AC have much in common. Both are islands with alot of beauty and alot of revenue generated. The main difference is Bermuda understands the word "invest".

PS: Ms. Anthropy, are you familier with the restrictions on foreign ownership of propery in Bermuda? One other area where I think they take the right approach.
Posted By: Laguna Punta

Re: Pollution Solution,etc? - 05/29/03 12:09 AM

Bermuda sucks!!!
Posted By: bywarren

Re: Pollution Solution,etc? - 05/29/03 01:01 AM

Here is another question for all of you far out deep thinkers.

I wonder how many of the tourists that ask what kind of beaches are available at the various hotels also ask if those beaches are natural or "manufactured" by dredging that destroys the sea grass which is a very important part of the marine eco-system? And, if they take that into consideration when deciding where to make their impact on the island. :rolleyes:

PS: Bill, with all due respect to your contribution to the discussion, if Bermuda sucks with respect to the areas discussed, then AC might be in the running for the industrial vaccum award for the Carribean. :p
Posted By: Laguna Punta

Re: Pollution Solution,etc? - 05/29/03 11:05 PM

You win, ByWarren!! Ambergris Caye sucks more than Bermuda.
Posted By: toad

Re: Pollution Solution,etc? - 05/29/03 11:32 PM

why do you think bermuda sucks?....just curious, have never been there..
Posted By: Miss Anthropy

Re: Pollution Solution,etc? - 05/29/03 11:35 PM

Bermuda blows.
Posted By: crockhunter

Re: Pollution Solution,etc? - 05/30/03 12:22 PM

Isn't this just like all of us to come somewhere we really enjoy and then talk about changing it. I for one will continue to come until developement ( more and more tourists ) makes it too much like Cozumel and Cancun. Enjoy Belize for what it is! It's not our country and one cannot fault them for doing whatever they can to capture tourist dollars.
Posted By: toad

Re: Pollution Solution,etc? - 05/30/03 12:24 PM

yes i can
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