caulker caye

Posted By: f095

caulker caye - 06/03/03 06:29 PM

Could you tell me a little about Caulker Caye or refer me to a web site
Thank you
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Re: caulker caye - 06/03/03 07:34 PM

This may be some help. They also have a message board, not as nice as this one smile but information is there.
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Re: caulker caye - 06/03/03 07:40 PM

Thanks Pedro1,
From the little that I have discovered, what you say is true. My 21 year old son would definitely want to be where it was happening. I just did not want to mortage the farm.
Thanks again
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Re: caulker caye - 06/03/03 07:42 PM

Chloe, have you changed your name to Pedro1 recently?
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Re: caulker caye - 06/03/03 07:48 PM

You don't have to "mortgage" the farm. Just be more selective on your acco. There is an incredible range of accommodation styles and rates.

There are numerous places to eat that are very inexpensive too.

It is just a matter of getting the info and you've come to the right place for that.
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Re: caulker caye - 06/03/03 08:15 PM

Well Seashell,
Hit me with some info. seems like Iguana Inn or something like that would be a good place to stay.
Pedro1 is Chloe? he Of course you know that fishing is our big desire.
Posted By: seashell

Re: caulker caye - 06/03/03 08:25 PM

Perhaps I've misunderstood you. I thought you were saying that you now believed that you'd like to stay on Ambergris Caye and not Caye Caulker because your son would like to be where the action is.

Of course, Pedro is not Chloe and certainly anyone reading your messages knows that fishing is your big desire. If that really is all you are about then Chloe's advice about El Pescador was right on target.

If you just want a clean place to stay and book your own fishing, that can easily be accomplished too, from either San Pedro or Caye Caulker.

Help us to help you. Do you want to stay near San Pedro Town so that your son can be near where the action is . . .or do you want to forego all that and dedicate yourselves to fishing? Do you care if there are a number of good places to eat (San Pedro) or do you only need one or two places (Caye Caulker)? What budget range are you looking in for acco?
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Re: caulker caye - 06/03/03 08:28 PM

We are confusing this poor person.
Posted By: seashell

Re: caulker caye - 06/03/03 08:30 PM

I'm not so sure Nygal. He might be confusing us. wink
Posted By: f095

Re: caulker caye - 06/03/03 08:46 PM

I think I am confusing myself as much as I am confusing you. Ambergris Caye is my preference. El Pescador sounded awfully expensive although I am not sure what was included in the price. I will look again. I was looking for $100-$150/night in low season and book our own fishing. This may not even be reasonable. I do not know. Thanks for your willingness to help. I do realize that Pedro1 is not Chloe. I did not mean to do a second post just hit the wrong button.
Posted By: seashell

Re: caulker caye - 06/03/03 08:57 PM

Don't worry about it F095. We tease each other here and that is alright.

Your budget is exceptional for acco (at summer rates) if it doesn't include fishing. Check out El Pescador again.

And while you are at it, double click on this: //

and you should find all kinds of info on acco in all manner of price ranges. Pick out a couple of places that look appealing to you and then do a search of the message board using those acco names as keywords. You will find a wealth of info. As far as that goes, you should be able to find some good recent threads (within past 30 days) about fishing right here on this message board.

Feel free to ask us again, once you've noted a place or two that appeals to you.
Posted By: MisplacedTexan

Re: caulker caye - 06/04/03 12:11 AM

I see you've been pointed to the lodging section. We just returned from about 10 days there, and stayed at Casa Caracol. Right on the beach, Phil will arrange / coordinate any activities you want. I recommend this place highly, especially considering the budget range you've put for accomodations.
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Re: caulker caye - 06/04/03 12:56 AM

Stay on AC for your son'e sake!!! Check out Holiday Hotel, Rubies (for great prices) you NEED a TV, phone in your room??? Rubies is best bet to me!! CC is REAL layed back....ver quiet...AC has more "life"!!! Just an opinion!! C
Posted By: rickcheri

Re: caulker caye - 06/04/03 12:57 AM

if ya want TV, phone, kitchen....check out "Coconuts"....
Posted By: Chloe

Re: caulker caye - 06/04/03 01:21 AM

Glad that was cleared up, Pedro1 and Chloe...LOL

FO95, for Chloe's answer, see my reply under your topic Fishing.

You and your son will have a great time fishing and enjoying Belize.
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Re: caulker caye - 06/04/03 02:11 PM

As I continue to ramble around, I have narrowed down some of the rooms. El Pascador is about $250 the way I read it. Your opinions please on Belizean Shores, Coconuts and the Blue Tang Inn.
Thanks for your continued help. I'll try to be less confusing.
F095 laugh
Posted By: seashell

Re: caulker caye - 06/04/03 04:57 PM

Belizean Shores is also north of the cut and so will make it difficult for your son to taste the town, as it were. The units are very nice, the pool is fabulous, however, I found the layout and grounds of the place to be reminiscent of military quarters.

I've heard that Coconuts is very noisy since the remodel. Blue Tang Inn, maybe just what you are looking for and more. While the front units on the second and third floor are just great, they only have kingbeds and a pullout. You would probably be quite happy in one of the rooms in the middle of the hotel, or the rooms on the northside back. These are VERY large rooms with two queen beds and a large kitchen/sitting area.

You might also want to take a look at Banana Beach, the AquaMarina Suites or the Mayan Princess.
Posted By: f095

Re: caulker caye - 06/04/03 06:53 PM

What is this cut that you are talking about?
Posted By: seashell

Re: caulker caye - 06/04/03 07:00 PM

I'm sorry F095. I should have explained better. Ambergris Caye is split by a cut where the river from the lagoon (west) side empties into the ocean on the east side. The way across the cut is by hand-ferry which doesn't run very late. The easiest way to get back and forth to town from resorts on the northside of the cut is by water-taxi. The costs and inconvenience can really start to add up.

If visitors are wanting to be able to go to a bunch of different restaurants and eateries (with varying prices) and take in some night life, then IMNSHO, it is best to stay south of the cut.
Posted By: f095

Re: caulker caye - 06/04/03 07:18 PM

Thanks Seashell,
Is there anyway when I visit a lodging website that I can tell if it is north of the cut? I really liked Aqua Marina Suites and the Mayan Princess. Banana was just a little high. Thanks for your suggestions.
Posted By: beach bob

Re: caulker caye - 06/04/03 08:18 PM


I've found the maps on the below page invaluable; it even has hyperlinks on some of the identified places. If you're not sure about a property's location, most of them have a website & you should get some idea from the facility description. Like if it says "remote", "isolated paradise" or something along those lines, it's probably not in town laugh

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Re: caulker caye - 06/04/03 08:20 PM

Hey guys..i know this is the Ambergris Caye site but I believe that was a pretty harsh come back.. First of all there are all types of accommodations and restaurants on both Cayes depending on your needs... San Pedro is much bigger and more of everything... it just depends on peoples personal preferences... so let's work together instead of against one another there is more than enough to go around... Also just to let everyone know.. we will be closed till the 19th of June for rennovations...See you then... Maralyn
Posted By: SP Daily

Re: caulker caye - 06/04/03 08:34 PM

Sorry Maralyn. It's a big job cleaning up after Pedro1 leaves his droppings all over the message board. He's gone now.
Posted By: f095

Re: caulker caye - 06/04/03 08:57 PM

Thanks Beach Bob - that is a wonderful map. Just what I needed. Rastapasta you must own a place on the north end. eh?
Posted By: denverdan

Re: caulker caye - 06/04/03 09:13 PM

Rasta Pasta a fabulous place to eat is on CC... and yes Maralyn is the owner and a great gal to boot! wink I suggest you try lunch there if you can.
We would definitely stay on Caulker sometime if someone added a pool! We love pools!!! cool
Posted By: Islenutt

Re: caulker caye - 06/04/03 09:33 PM

Rasta Pasta is terrific! And if you are lucky - you get to visit with two adorable little boys while you have great food.
Maralyn your grandchildren are so much fun. Thank you for sharing.
Posted By: River Shark

Re: caulker caye - 06/04/03 09:45 PM

Was that her grandson that was just starting to walk when we were there last month. He was in a stroller at the end of the bar. Really a cute little boy.

The Shark
Posted By: Chris

Re: caulker caye - 06/05/03 05:36 AM

I like Caye Caulker a LOT. It ought to be very laid isn't, beause....of incidents such as: I visited the island a couple of weeks ago and had lunch at Sandbox. Decent food, no complaints there. But, fact is, we were hustled and harrased by a drug dealer at the restaurant and he WOULD NOT go away when asked. In the end it ended up with him using the foulest language and insults in front of restaurant guests and us threatening him with the police before he would finally go away. The restaurant did NOTHING to prevent the hustling.

Fact is, Caye Caulker is fine, but it would be a lot finer if they'd do something about this kind of behaviour. No matter what time of day it is or where you are, you are very likely to be approached by these scum drug dealers. I think business owners in Caye Caulker need to decide if drugs are something they want to promote to visitors to their otherwise lovely little island.
Posted By: LaurieMar

Re: caulker caye - 06/05/03 08:46 AM

Caye Caulker is cool and I did not see anything like described above, as far as drug dealers harassing me. Been there only three times for day trips only. It is very laid back, but too young of a crowd for me. If someone wants night life, AC is better.

Definitely worth a trip to eat at Rasta Pasta!
Posted By: rastapasta

Re: caulker caye - 06/06/03 04:30 PM

Just to let everyone on theboard know...we are doing major island clean up... Sgt Pitts is working hard to round up this negative element of folks that dodnot even b4long here..hopefully you'll see the results of this in days to that likkle boy is one of my workers baby. Thanks for all your support One Love Maralyn
Posted By: SP Daily

Re: caulker caye - 06/06/03 04:51 PM

Good News Maralyn! Just don't chase 'em over here.
Posted By: CAPTAIN bigzeke

Re: caulker caye - 06/06/03 05:36 PM

Hey Maralyn. We will be visiting you for lunch with 9 people somewhere between June 17th and the 26th. Would love to meet you after reading all about you.
Posted By: sanpedroslim

Re: caulker caye - 06/10/03 04:38 PM

One love Maralyn, Give love to the family!! Back in the fall!! Peace Q & Binky!
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