New House?

Posted By: Victoria

New House? - 06/05/03 09:28 PM

Does anyone know who's building that huge white house south of Banana Beach? It's under construction but that is going to be nice, and just curious as to who owns it and if it will be rented?
Posted By: SP Daily

Re: New House? - 06/05/03 09:45 PM

Just to the south of Banana Beach is Mata Rocks, then Royal Palm which includes some yet-to-be-developed land. Then there's a newly constructed all white building on the beach. Is that the one you're thinking of? It's a 4 plex owned and occupied by long time residents. None for rent.
Posted By: Victoria

Re: New House? - 06/06/03 02:39 PM

No, I saw that four plex, the place I'm talking about is further south, even south of Victoria House I think ... it's still in the building process so no one's living there yet...looks like a construction company out of Houston is doing the building with a local company doing the carpentry ...
Posted By: seashell

Re: New House? - 06/06/03 02:40 PM

There is an extremely large and opulent house being built immediately south of Victoria House. Do you think this is the one to which you refer?
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: New House? - 06/06/03 04:00 PM

You may be referring to the house just south of Caribe Island and Sunset Beach. Our friends Bob and Maureen are building, and it will not be for rental.
Amazing house, 3 stories, pool and hot tub, a bar on every floor, pool table on the top level, 2 "topless" showers...... it's looking GREAT!!!!

Re: New House? - 06/06/03 06:02 PM

would bob and mareen like to adopt an older daughter - already potty trained, already through college, already paid for 3 weddings (so there should not be any more)
Posted By: Victoria

Re: New House? - 06/09/03 03:03 PM

Yep, that's got to be the one. It's going to be beautiful.
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