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Posted By: KathyA

Back Home - 06/08/03 08:06 PM

Returned home last night from AC with my group of 10 staying at Casa Tortuga. UnBelizeable!!! We loved the island and all we could talk about is when we can return. Bought JJWalker's CD. Met Jet at the airport. Met Vicki from CIR. She heard us talking and came over to visit. We were at Fido's. Loved Carlos and Alphonse. Great guides. Met many beautiful people who truly love their island. It amazed us that when we asked them if they had ever been to the US or had any desire to visit or live there they responded that they were quite happy where they were and had may opportunities to go to the US but stayed put. It was a great experience and I hope to go back next year
Posted By: KathyA

Re: Back Home - 06/08/03 08:10 PM

Also, looked for Robert and Loie at BC's but heard they were on a second honeymoon on a sailboat. Sorry I missed them. There's always next time.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Back Home - 06/08/03 10:08 PM

Hi Kathy,
It was nice to meet you. Sorry we didn't have more time.... but next trip!!!!!!!
Keep in touch!
Posted By: booface

Re: Back Home - 06/08/03 10:34 PM

sounds like you had a great time. BTW, how was the weather while you were there??
Posted By: KathyA

Re: Back Home - 06/08/03 11:42 PM

Booface, most days started out hazy ut it burned off by noon. 3 out of 7 days were incredible from beginning to end.
Posted By: humpback

Re: Back Home - 06/09/03 05:57 PM

We are headed back to Casa Tortuga in 2 weeks for our second stay there. We loved it - isn't Maria's cooking awesome. Your post made my mouth start watering - guess it's time to pack the scuba gear tonight !!!
Posted By: KathyA

Re: Back Home - 06/09/03 06:29 PM

Humpback, do you know if Peggy rents just the top portion of the villa or do you have to rent the whole house? We rented the whole house and it was just too may personalities...10 FEMALES. I arranged the trip from beginning to end. Several FOUND things to complain about. Can you imagine complaing about anything at CT? The place is fabulous.
Posted By: humpback

Re: Back Home - 06/09/03 06:38 PM

I think during the low and mid season's she does rent the upper half. I can't imagine what there is to complain about - we loved the place. That is one of the reasons we are returning. Our group is all couples - so maybe ten females and having to share rooms?
Posted By: SanHam

Re: Back Home - 06/10/03 12:23 AM


I can sympathize with you (I planned a vacation with 5 women at Casa Tortuga also and personalities clashed). Sometimes its just not worth playing tour director cause you're not gonna please everyone. Sounds like you did not let this spoil your vacation and hopefully you could just concentrate on those that were having a good time as well. From my own experience and from those that did not like AC from this board -they seem to have one thing in common; they just cannot seem to relax and go with the flow, so they nitpick everything. But enough of the negative, I'm glad you had a good time. How was the pool - its looks great. I also agree that Maria is a wonderful cook. What tours did you do. Its been two years and I finally finally booked for Aug. 21-27 and cannot wait only this time I'll be traveling alone.
Posted By: KathyA

Re: Back Home - 06/10/03 02:29 AM

SanHam, it's so nice to hear from you. You were one of the first to give me a positive review of CT. OMG, where do I begin? Everybody was extremely positive until the last couple of months. The little beasties reared their ugly heads when the major portion of money came due. First of all, the owner was nice enough to amend her normal payment arrangements to accomodate our school teacher budgets. There were 3 equal payments. I was the group leader and collected all $$$. After each payment I sent each person a receipt with amt. pd. and amt. owed. When the last payment came due people wanted to argue that they were already pd. up. I had reciepts. Next, I had gone thru Group Works at Continental for our tickets. Got a group rate of $436.90 RT. They complained about that. They complained that $100 pp for the entire week was too much money for food. $100 for 3 meals a day, drinks, appetizers, and deserts for 7 days. Then, when we got there, people compained about the rooms. I had done ALL the planning and had paid the same amt. as all the others but had said from the beginning that the only perk I wanted was the master bedroom. Well when we got there 2 of the girls in a downstairs bedrrom told me that I was going to have to switch with them. These same 2 came on at the last minute and had done nothing to get us there. Their rationale was that they had dug deep into their husbands' wallets to get to go on this trip. I informed them that was a shame, and to think all I had to do was get up out of the bed and actually go to work. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Never again.
Posted By: dbdoberman

Re: Back Home - 06/10/03 02:40 AM

wimmen, what are ya to do???? :rolleyes:
Posted By: klcman

Re: Back Home - 06/10/03 05:07 AM

luv 'em & leave 'em?
Posted By: KathyA

Re: Back Home - 06/10/03 08:35 AM

In answer to your questions, SanHam, the pool is beautiful. Maria is a fabulous cook. I did Altun Ha and 2 snorkeling trips. I too plan to go back ALONE.
Posted By: Denny Shane

Re: Back Home - 06/10/03 11:36 AM

Sounds like you had a good time, despite the cat-fighting... welcome to the world of a travel agent... laugh eek
Posted By: aqtpie2

Re: Back Home - 06/10/03 01:07 PM

Live and learn. I know that there are just friends you cannot travel with or live with - and once you understand that - everyone can function with no problems.

Glad you had a good trip! When you get a group together like that I guess you start to see other faces. At least you enjoyed it!
Posted By: KathyA

Re: Back Home - 06/10/03 01:41 PM

I did have a good time despite the pettiness and nitpicking. But I really look forward to going back on my own when I won't have to deal with it PERIOD.
Posted By: KathyA

Re: Back Home - 06/10/03 01:44 PM

I did have a good time despite the pettiness and nitpicking. But I really look forward to going back on my own when I won't have to deal with it PERIOD.
Posted By: dbdoberman

Re: Back Home - 06/10/03 01:46 PM

You have a great attitude Kathy, and I am glad you enjoyed it, and worked around (ignored) the negatives. Next trip will be a super duper one! smile
Posted By: KathyA

Re: Back Home - 06/10/03 03:08 PM

Thanks dbdoberman. I am shooting for May 27th of next year. Will probably stay at Caribe Island Resort for 10 days. You lose 2 days traveling and I felt pushed to get everything into a week. I like to lounge around as well so I think 10 days is in order.
Posted By: Loie

Re: Back Home - 06/11/03 08:27 PM

Hi Kathy,

Sorry we missed you. Second honeymoon? Too funny. Must have been the day we made the Turneffe trip. We were on a boat, that part is true. We were at BC's many many times and sorry we didn't bump into you. Like you said, there's always next time. Glad to hear you had a wonderful time.

Posted By: KathyA

Re: Back Home - 06/12/03 01:59 AM

Hi Loie. Sorry I missed you! But I'm planning on heading back May 27th for 10 days. Planning on staying at Banyan Bay. Right now it's just me. There are 2 bedrooms but I got a good rate and I like the location. 7 days was just not long enough. I feel like between now and then someone will want to go and if not...oh well, I'll go alone. Because of some unpleasant circumstances I spent alot of time alone on this trip and felt completely safe and always had somebody to talk to. Do you think I will be OK alone?
Posted By: toad

Re: Back Home - 06/12/03 02:04 AM

i think i'm starting to feel alone can i tell..
Posted By: Chloe

Re: Back Home - 06/12/03 03:21 AM

KathyA, you will do just fine alone on Ambergris.

Toad, look around do you see us? If so you are not alone.
Posted By: Loie

Re: Back Home - 06/12/03 03:42 PM

Hi Kathy,

Pretty sure that you'll be perfectly fine going alone. Becky Bound For Belize and LaurieMar go down there a lot as solo parties. And from what I hear, they typically have more fun than we do! smile

I'm sure either of them would be happy to tell you of their experiences. Both are awesome ladies.

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