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Posted By: ladydiver34

diving conditions - 06/09/03 09:59 PM

Hello Everyone!
I'm new to the board and also about to take my first dive trip to belize/ambergris caye....can anyone tell me what the diving is like right now...what I mean is how choppy is the water...or is it nice and calm...just not sure what to expect and would like to know is all. Any info. is appreciated.
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Re: diving conditions - 06/11/03 01:19 AM

Hey there LadyDiver,

Just returned from AC on Sunday night. Mostly the seas were choppy, but do-able. Only one day of cancelled diving. Had better luck and calmer seas out at the atolls. It's really just a shot in the dark as to what the conditions will be. The temps were good (84-ish degrees), but because of the high winds, swells & currents the visibility can be a little less than 100'. The pica pica are gone which was a welcomed relief.

If you're an experienced diver, you should be okay getting back into the boat. As always, getting into the water is a breeze.

Hope this helped! Happy diving. Don't get narked! smile

Posted By: ladydiver34

Re: diving conditions - 06/11/03 06:15 PM

Thanks for the headsup on sea conditions...I am use to boat diving off the North Carolina coast, and that can be pretty rough at times...have been hoping for nice calm water for a change :0), but I am thrilled to be diving Belize, soooo I'll take it anyway I can! Even if vis. is slightly less that 100 ft...thats great!
Thanks a bunch!
Posted By: BobS

Re: diving conditions - 06/11/03 09:19 PM

There are plenty of nice dives in the Hol Chan[sp?]marine park even if it's rough. They are a short ride.

I would caution you against trying the Great Blue Hole which is 55 miles out if weather seems bad.

We did it under those conditions last year in what was almost a monsoon. Visibility was poor and sea conditions were ~ 12 feet which caused many aboard to turn to religion. It is a gotta-do-once tho under better weather.
Posted By: toad

Re: diving conditions - 06/12/03 01:41 AM

very wet
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