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Posted By: Windsor3

kids' menu - 06/17/03 04:28 PM

I was browsing through the menus and am excited to try MANY of the restaurants--we LOVE to eat! My question is, how do they serve kids? I didn't see one kids' menu. Will they do 1/2 orders?
My kid loves fish and is not a picky eater.
Anyone with experience here, please advise.
Posted By: denverdan

Re: kids' menu - 06/18/03 02:54 PM

last year my kids were here, they are VERY picky eaters. they like the rice (no beans) ate a million plain tortillas or cheese quesadillas, plain or garlic shrimp, pasta, etc. most places we got adult size portions, but no big deal. breakfasts are fine, eggs, pancakes, toast. etc.

i thought it would be a big pain, but it was not. you'll be fine!
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Re: kids' menu - 06/18/03 02:58 PM

STOP IT! That is not me either. confused
Posted By: Ernie B

Re: kids' menu - 06/18/03 03:05 PM

???????? confused
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Re: kids' menu - 06/18/03 03:08 PM

I know... me too.... confused
Posted By: NYgal

Re: kids' menu - 06/18/03 04:01 PM

grrrr......... eek
Posted By: Windsor3

Re: kids' menu - 06/18/03 04:16 PM

Didn't understand the last 4 replies.
Posted By: Ernie B

Re: kids' menu - 06/18/03 04:24 PM

Neither does Devdan.... seems someone is using her password to access the comp. in San Pedro. Call the comp. cop!
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Re: kids' menu - 06/18/03 04:49 PM

It sounds like Sweet Jane is at Vickie's still and is using her bulletin board access- denverdan's password is defaulting when Sweet Jane logs on (?). Sweet Jane is that you in the message above re: your kid's being picky eaters?
Posted By: Beachy

Re: kids' menu - 06/18/03 04:53 PM

If you have been to San Pedro, then you know that kids are everywhere! We don't have a kids menu, but do often serve half portions of the pastas we serve (we even know that parsley garnish freaks some kids out) as well as having a big selection of smaller appetizer plates kids seem to like.
Parents walk off to show kids the lizards, geckos and crabs that inhabit our gardens out front too--entertainment while dinner's prepared :p
hope this helps! To be honest I haven't noticed too many specific kid's menus but all restaurants are accomidating here! hope to see ya soon
Casa Picasso Restaurant
Posted By: Windsor3

Re: kids' menu - 06/18/03 05:12 PM

Casa Picasso/Beachy,
Thanks for your reply. Good news, 'cause we were definitely planning to eat there! I have read about the martinis (right?, I may be confused after reading menus...)
In any event, see you next week!
Posted By: Beachy

Re: kids' menu - 06/18/03 06:25 PM

yep, jumbo martinis, and at 9pm, 2x1 martinis, plus around 9pm, we turn on the giant imax movies silently on one wall (screen's 10ftx8ft) and kids usually are mezmerized eek by the fish, airplanes, sky etc. that float past.
Posted By: sweetjane

Re: kids' menu - 06/19/03 04:35 PM

yep, it was me...i was posting at the same time. it must have remembered hope's log-in. sorry honey.

hey, i went to beachy's place, casa picasso, with vicki & butch monday, and the food really was good & the service was outstanding. beachy personally mixed my lemon drop martini. we all shared tappas & had pasta, ours with pesto, butch's with beef & marinara. then we split grand marnier creme brulee & pineapple cobbler for dessert too. yummy.
Posted By: DrewLori

Re: kids' menu - 06/20/03 07:39 PM

When will you be traveling with your kids? We have 2 kids 9 & 12 and will be in AC 8/2-8/9.
Posted By: Windsor3

Re: kids' menu - 06/21/03 12:00 AM

Too bad---we'll be there in June.
Enjoy your trip.
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