Turkey Day!

Posted By: hacker

Turkey Day! - 06/20/03 07:40 PM


I'm starting this topic to see the availability of Tequilla and Beliken Insano's interested in getting together with us on AC.

see..... flo's..... This is how you get the party started.
ccla.....Is he serious? it would be a real good time to do it....... I'll press him when I talk to him.
WE CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted By: papaflo

Re: Turkey Day! - 06/20/03 08:30 PM

I*m sure we*ll get together with tequila and probably a little insane with the belikins too. specially if this other insanity plays out
Posted By: papaflo

Re: Turkey Day! - 06/22/03 11:37 PM

heeeeeey Hacker==whats up dude==its 98 degrees here and we*re dying===but I am trying to work up a volleyball game for us in s.p. wooooooooooo wooooooooooooooo
Posted By: LaurieMar

Re: Turkey Day! - 06/23/03 01:28 AM

I was there last Turkey Day and can vouch for the availability of Tequila. Never hurts to bring your own bottle for your room too!
Posted By: hacker

Re: Turkey Day! - 06/23/03 06:33 PM


Thanks for the Insanity update, and..... it's a little over 80 up here today. That will be the third day of 75 plus temp in the last 3 weeks! so.... we're real happy its nice right now. Gonna have thunderstorms for the next few days. oh well.

I did scare me to see the big light in the sky.

and....mandy is e-mailing larry and viv in NY to tell them about the trip to AC. she's trying to find bill and gus's email to let them know too.

Posted By: ccla

Re: Turkey Day! - 06/27/03 03:56 AM

Hacker, I will definitely be ready for some Panty Rippers or Rum Punch.
As for whether papaflo is serious...your guess is as good as mine! How are we going to last for 5 more months?? I am ready to go right now!!
By the way, we will be bringing Tequila Rose with us this trip, too!
Posted By: hacker

Re: Turkey Day! - 06/30/03 03:38 PM



we're ready....

Posted By: papaflo

Re: Turkey Day! - 07/06/03 09:51 PM

heyyyyyyyyy hacker----we had a baby boy last thursday---names jose tequilla flo--well, jay and beth did --and thats not really his name--we did so much jose celebrating I can*t really remember what they call him--oh well--heres to turkey day--wooooo-wooooooooooo.
p.s. cc said she was gonna whip my booty if I didn*t tell you his name is johnathan jacobs flo
Posted By: hacker

Re: Turkey Day! - 07/11/03 07:55 PM

hey.....Congrats in a big way!!!!

You must be feeling real old now!!!!

Not because of the new baby....

But because of the TQ!!!!


I'm checking the MSN Messenger at night, cause I cant do it during the day....

So lets do some rapping dude, We both monitor the system at night....




I think we need a new E-Mail for JayFlo....

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