Cayo Espanto?

Posted By: Bobber

Cayo Espanto? - 07/13/03 02:42 PM

Anyone have any info on this place? An article in Carribean Magazine tweaked my wifes interest. Their website ( indicates it is off San Pedro about 3 miles, so it would be on the inland side. I personally prefer SP to being stuck on what amounts to a little spit of land in an all inclusive environment.
Posted By: kippe

Re: Cayo Espanto? - 07/13/03 03:07 PM

Oh, ya, it is a small island, very small, BC bound. The only reason I know anything about the place is because I have friends that applied for jobs there and have motored past it. It looks incredible and you supposedly get your on little guy running around taking care of you all day long, :p , you can probably even get champagne with strawberries! I live for many days for the price for a night, so I doubt that I will ever visit, unless you decide to go and take me with you! This place is for the rich and famous, are you rich and famous????
Posted By: Sandy C

Re: Cayo Espanto? - 07/13/03 03:19 PM

We have visited CE and have talked with about a dozen people who vacationed there. Everyone raved about the staff, food, excursions, pampering, water toys, personal tours and privacy. Your CE personal staff will provide transportation anytime you choose to go into town (less than 10 minute boat ride), but that obviously would require a little more effort than just walking from a town hotel. The back side of the island is very natural with beautiful sunsets. CE is expensive, but the guests we have met all thought it was worth their money.
Posted By: SimonB

Re: Cayo Espanto? - 07/13/03 04:54 PM

I stayed there last year and the service and accomodations were fantastic. I had a room where the 3 front walls opened up to a view of the Caribbean with the Cayes off in the distance. They really do a fantastic job of catering to your every need.
Posted By: Bobber

Re: Cayo Espanto? - 07/14/03 02:57 AM

Thanks all. I think I will pass on this one. My wants and needs would more likely be served back at Paradise Villas.
Posted By: Bobber

Re: Cayo Espanto? - 07/14/03 03:01 AM

Holy Crap! I just took another look at the rates. I thought those numbers were per week. They are per night. You are not going to find me there, I won't even look for it as we come in.
Posted By: kippe

Re: Cayo Espanto? - 07/14/03 03:09 PM

See, I told you, it is for the rich and famous! did you see that they will accomodate private jets? laugh Nothing against the place, it really looks wonderful, just not for commoners! I for one would love to spend a, like 1, night at Paradise Villas and feel pampered! Isn't life wonderful :p .When are you guys coming down, maybe i'll invite myself over for a drink and we can talk about "STUFF", like why some people have jets and some don't confused
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