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Posted By: zeecube

cool beans - 07/30/03 01:23 AM

For those in the know, where can I go for a good cup of joe?

Threads I found suggest it is best to BYOC. True? (especially since my better half drinks decaf only).
Posted By: RobertE

Re: cool beans - 07/30/03 03:18 AM

Cafe Ole right across from the airstrip. Espresso, Chai, Mochas. The Starbucks of San Pedro. Oddly enough they have great Italian dishes at night made with local seafood and great breakfasts.

Check them out
Posted By: kerry

Re: cool beans - 07/30/03 10:28 AM

zeecube...i couldn't help but respond to your post...don't really know too much about where you can get good coffee, as i am not a big coffee husband passed away in march, 2001 and he was a writer....he wrote a piece called "cool beans"...i would like to share his concept of "cool beans" with the board....hope nobody we go...

cool beans.....
a concept of the total regard for yourself and the world as we speak, breathe and live. you see, cool beans has nothing to do with food or highly fortified protein packed beans with vitamins or minerals. cool beans is a statement that puts you in a place where you have the ability to co-relate with one another. A greeting, an affirmation of co-existance, an acknowledgement of the fact that you exist in someone else's mind, and/or eyes, as well as your own. As a child, i once had cool beans. i think they were pork n' beans. they were straight out of the can off the pantry shelf. cool, yes, but not anywhere near groovy. what else can i say....
this is cool beans......(written by johnathon michaels)
Posted By: zeecube

Re: cool beans - 07/30/03 02:33 PM

Kerry, what a lovely statement to begin the day, as I sit here drinking my industrial strength coffee and chicory checking for messages. I see that "cool beans" can mean many things. Thanks. cool

And RobertE, thank you too.
Posted By: Everglades

Re: cool beans - 07/30/03 02:44 PM

Thanks for sharing Kerry.
Posted By: Lan Sluder/Belize First

Re: cool beans - 07/30/03 03:43 PM

Cafe Ole does have excellent coffee, but these days you can get pretty good coffee at a lot of places. (Wasn't so long ago that most coffee in Belize was Nescafe or other instant, and the OJ was usually Tang!)

Now quite a few restaurants and hotels in San Pedro and around the country serve good rich Guatemalan coffee. Plus Gallon Jug puts out a decent bean (though elevations in Belize aren't quite high enough to grow the best coffee), and a couple of lodges such as Hidden Valley grow and roast their own coffee.

--Lan Sluder
Posted By: zeecube

Re: cool beans - 07/30/03 04:54 PM

Is good decaf avaiable in AC?
Posted By: kerry

Re: cool beans - 07/30/03 05:58 PM

you're quite welcome, zeecube...glad you enjoyed....i stayed at lily's last october, and i thought the coffee there was pretty good...
Posted By: toad

Re: cool beans - 07/30/03 06:01 PM

nothing like coughee and nicotine to start the day
Posted By: Oranges

Re: cool beans - 07/30/03 06:07 PM

We took enough of our own blend of coffee with us to last about two weeks. We mix one-third regular coffee and two-thirds decaf. When we ran out, we bought Maxwell House decaf and reg to make our blend. It seemed as though the Maxwell House we bought in Belize was darker in color and also stronger, so we just played around with amounts until we got the right formula for our coffee pot.
Posted By: sweetjane

Re: cool beans - 07/30/03 10:02 PM

on the decaf question: no. period, dont order it. (i got hot water & sanka!) i never drink regular at home, but when in rome...

cafe ole was good, but everywhere i had reg was pretty decent. i brought home a pound of 'gallon jug' beans from the is rich and strong. here i mix it with my starbucks decaf...mmmm.

toad; FYI: coffee & cigs is the best laxitive in the world eek
Posted By: zeecube

Re: cool beans - 07/30/03 11:42 PM

Thanks ya'll for the advice. Sanka is certainly not my cup of, er, coffee. Jug Beans sounds enticing...I will definitely have to try some when we arrive next week ... as well as some belikins, johnny cakes, lobster, beans and rice, more belikins, etc., ...
Posted By: toad

Re: cool beans - 07/31/03 02:03 AM

wrong, a phone call from 'the indiscretion' is the best laxative....
Posted By: SP Daily

Re: cool beans - 07/31/03 04:52 AM

no laxative needed- toads are always loose
Posted By: sweetjane

Re: cool beans - 08/01/03 02:54 AM

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