Banana Beach to town

Posted By: MN Jeff

Banana Beach to town - 08/12/03 02:37 PM

Can you walk the beach the whole way from Banana Beach to town? i.e. without having to cut through properties or to the road? It sounds like the first 65 feet or so from the water is public?

I realize it's something like 2.5 miles total, so I'm sure we're not going to do it multiple times per day, but it would be a nice walk in the evening.
Posted By: mikell

Re: Banana Beach to town - 08/12/03 02:42 PM

hi jeff...

if you read jessica's info posted under your query about ramon''ll see that she mentioned walking from BB to town in about 30-35 minutes...i'm sure she could tell you more about the walk...and more about BB too...she just got back...

just curious...are you the same MNJeff who posted on the negril message board?
Posted By: Ernie B

Re: Banana Beach to town - 08/12/03 02:45 PM

Banana Beach is only a mile from town. You can walk it in 20 min. all the beach is public and you can stay on the beach the entire way.
Posted By: mikell

Re: Banana Beach to town - 08/12/03 03:36 PM


great to "see" you on this board too!

agreed about negril...would go back in a was a wonderful experience.

we thought a new place this year would be good...and my husband is particularly attracted by the reefs and we are just in the "planning/thinking" stages now...but looking at the end of february.

it appears to me that san pedro & AC is a lot like negril and area...the kind of place you can truly relax in.

we'll have to keep in touch and compare notes...

smile mikell
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