Articles of Interest

Posted By: bywarren

Articles of Interest - 08/29/03 01:43 PM

Articles that should be of interest to alot of you conerning the Belize Reef and fishing.,9171,1101030825-476400,00.html
Posted By: Marty

Re: Articles of Interest - 08/29/03 04:09 PM

thanks man!
Posted By: dbdoberman

Re: Articles of Interest - 08/30/03 02:11 AM

Thanks Warren, alot of sobering information there. A headsup for everybody.....if only folks would do their part. It was good to read that the reefs of Belize may be able to recover, but very sad to read about the fish population, and those who fish protected areas. A large area to enforce, I suppose. It seems at first such an easy thing, but really so complex - preservation vs economics.
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