First time visitor- dining....

Posted By: karidv

First time visitor- dining.... - 08/22/03 05:54 PM

Hi, my husband and I are planning a visit to Belize for the first time in January. We are planning to stay at the Portofino, I'm debating if we should do the meal inclusive plan? Is it easy to eat dinner off the property? (H20 taxi or walking?)We'd prefer to to experience all the area has to offer. (if it's not a hassel) Thanks in advance for you help and/or suggestions. confused
Posted By: govikes

Re: First time visitor- dining.... - 08/22/03 08:47 PM

I didn't know there were any all inclusives on the island, but I definitely would NOT do it--there are so many wonderful different places to eat on AC, you would really be missing out on part of the fun of going there. Use the search thread for a list of fav eateries--it's a very popular topic! Plus you need to check out some of the street vendors--good eats, cheap. You aren't going to be able to walk much of anywhere from Portofino, but water taxi, rent a golf cart for a couple of days, or bikes (good way to work off all the yummy food).
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Re: First time visitor- dining.... - 08/23/03 02:26 AM

wow that depends. I would say have maybe a meal a day included incase you dont want to move. Definently need to try elvi's kitchen, caliente's, ramons breakfast, and so on, iwould say just go without the meals included. Travel about and love live and eat Belize. smile
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Re: First time visitor- dining.... - 08/26/03 06:31 AM

Not awaare of inclusive meals. But what a waste that would be. You must get out and try the food! Eat rice & beans on the street! It is the best! I am craving it bad right now.
You will be missing out if you don't try the yummy food!
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Re: First time visitor- dining.... - 08/26/03 10:16 PM

I agree with the previous post. There are too many good restaurants on the island to limit yourselves to one place, however good it might be.

These were some of our favorites during our trip earlier this month:
Jam-Bel Jerk Pit, Elvi's, Capricorn, Sweet Basil (lunch), Papi's Diner, and Estel's (breakfast).
Also good:
Casa Picasso, El Divino, Maneely's Ice Cream

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Re: First time visitor- dining.... - 09/03/03 06:23 AM

Jmaican me crazy shrimp at the Jerk Pit is the greatest. Ate it 3 times last June.
Also had great food at a restruant in town with a cajun name. Owned by a female expatriot.
Calientes is over rated but the little beach bar next to Paradise Villas was great for breakfast.
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