From Capricorns new owners

Posted By: Marty

From Capricorns new owners - 09/02/03 02:49 PM

Hello there -
We wanted to introduce ourselves. We are the new owners of Capricorn! Such an exciting time this is for all of us. Merritt Kain (chef) and Regan Rushing took over the resort the 20th of August 2003. We have been living and training here with Clarence and Annabel for over a month now. Things are going wonderfully and we feel as though we are all family now! As the saying goes "Do not fix it if it is not broken" We are only going to add and enhance to this amazing place. Since Clarence, thankfully so, is passing down his recipes and expertise, it is safe to say the menu will remain the SAME (with some addtional added features)!!! We just wanted to assure you, as well as San Pedro Town, that the food, quality, and service that Clarence, Annabel, and the staff have provided for so many years will continue and shine on for the next years to come. Over the past month we have gained so much knowledge from Clarence and Annabel that everyone here is extremely excited for the new energy and superb quality Capricorn will provide.

We will only be closed the 8th - 24th of September to give our staff their well deserved holiday! We look forward to serving everyone with the utmost quality as years in the past. If you have any questions please feel free to give us a call. Thank you for you time.

Best wishes,
Regan Rushing
Merritt Kain
Posted By: Ernie B

Re: From Capricorns new owners - 09/02/03 04:02 PM

Regan & Merrit. Welcome to Capricorn ! My wife and friends have enjoyed many a fine dinner there and hope you do not make many changes especially in the staff. Maggie has been our most trusted and hope she remains. Will visit with you on our next trip. Will your email stay the same ?

Best Regards,

Ernie & Rita Brannon
Posted By: Denny Shane

Re: From Capricorns new owners - 09/02/03 04:42 PM

Regan and Merritt...
Congrats! I hope y'all have as much success with Capricorn as did Clarence and Annabel.

It's already on my "must do" list next time down that way!
Denny Shane
Posted By: Turnbun1971

Re: From Capricorns new owners - 09/02/03 06:36 PM

We ate there a few nights ago. It was fabulous. Regan was a fantastic hostess (she pretty much has to be since she moved to AC from my hometown of Austin!).
Posted By: Snorkelers2

Re: From Capricorns new owners - 09/02/03 07:11 PM

We had a wonderful meal at Capricorn when we were on AC for the first time last month and hope to have many more on our future trips. Congratulations and good luck!

Are Clarence and Anabel leaving AC?
Posted By: KC

Re: From Capricorns new owners - 09/03/03 02:06 PM

Regan and Merritt,
You have some big shoes to fill!!! :-)
Capricorn is always a must-do at least once every time we come down, and we look forward to meeting you. So... if we get soaked in the boat ride to dinner, will you meet us with big fluffy towels when we arrive, as Annabelle always did? :-)

Best of luck in your new venture. laugh

Posted By: Mike and Daphne Ryan

Re: From Capricorns new owners - 09/09/03 05:12 PM

Dear New Guys

We look forward to meeting you. We have told many people that one of the best restaurants any where is a 90 second walk from our front door in El Pescador Villas. Don't make liars of us.

If you are in touch with Annabel, please give her our love and tell here we will miss her sorely.

We look forward to meeting you, and wish you great luck in your enterprise. If it doesn't change too much, it will be wonderful.

Best Regards,

Mike and Daphne
Posted By: 4.24.04

Re: From Capricorns new owners - 09/30/03 04:52 AM

I would love to hear more info about your new ownership. I am interested in visting Capricorn on my honeymoon in May. Please email me at [email protected]
Posted By: Capt. Les

Re: From Capricorns new owners - 10/07/03 11:12 PM

I haven't been to Caprican yet. I'll definately give it a try.
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