Stained Glass Pub

Posted By: Turnbun1971

Stained Glass Pub - 09/10/03 05:58 PM

I just wanted to give a big 4-star review to the Stained Glass Pub. It's fairly new on the island, and I haven't heard anyone mention it. It was AWESOME! Best food we had the whole time we were there (and we went to Caliente, Capricorn, Jambels, Elvi's, etc.). There were 4 of us eating there together, and we each had something different. We each agreed that our meal was the best we had on our vacation. It's a MUST DO when you are there. (No, I have no affiliation with the restaraunt or its owners - it was just THAT good!).
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Re: Stained Glass Pub - 09/10/03 06:27 PM

so what was the bill-of-fare?
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Re: Stained Glass Pub - 09/10/03 11:52 PM

OK, where be it located?
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Re: Stained Glass Pub - 09/11/03 12:08 PM

your right, Turnburn, never heard mention of it. Give us the scoop please

Re: Stained Glass Pub - 09/11/03 02:40 PM

One thing's for sure, given the name I'll stick to bottled drinks when we visit.
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Re: Stained Glass Pub - 09/11/03 03:12 PM

It's located about a block north of Fidos on front street. Looks like an English style pub.
Posted By: Turnbun1971

Re: Stained Glass Pub - 09/11/03 06:39 PM

The menu is pretty diverse. Lots of traditional English dishes (fish n chips, meatloaf, shepperd's pie, etc.). My husband had the special - seafood coquis st. jaque. It was to die for. I had the fish specialty (it's on the menu) -- breaded fish in a wonderful wine sauce with capers and artichoke hearts. My friend had the grouper special. I can't remember exactly what it was called, but it had a hollandaise sauce. So good. Then my other friend had fish n chips. Excellent! It's on front street, a little north of Fido's. Great little English pub atmosphere. Small small place, but so great!!!! Friday's were Long Island Iced Tea night. Very yummy.
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Re: Stained Glass Pub - 09/11/03 06:54 PM

they are near Aqua Marine Suites, the owners are very friendly, drinks cool and the place is great.
They have been open since last month, I wish them continued success
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Re: Stained Glass Pub - 09/12/03 03:29 PM

Sounds like my kind of place!!! So glad you had a good time. Thanks for the report.
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