Is January barter month?

Posted By: WillieT

Is January barter month? - 10/07/03 06:34 AM

My wife and I and about 8 other people will be showing up at Banana Beach on Jan 3 for a week. I will be fishing every day except one for at least 1/2 day. Mostly full days. I am a bartering kind of fool and want to see if anyone does in kind. What kind of supplies can I bring to trade for trips, tips and ???? other goodies while enjoying this paradise? Especially you fishing guys, can we work out a deal for a suitcase full of lures, etc? There's a Bass Pro shop just down the road in Nashville from me. Please let me know. Also, Kentucky has some awful good bourbon. How much booze can I bring in per person?
Posted By: Laguna Punta

Re: Is January barter month? - 10/07/03 06:57 AM

San Pedro is not much on bartering. Customs agents will be suspicious to find anything beyond what your trip will require and could start your vacation badly.
Posted By: Denny Shane

Re: Is January barter month? - 10/07/03 11:59 AM

I agree with Bill's answer. You run the very real risk of having your suitcases, etc., searched as you go through customs once arriving.

The fishing guides have pretty much everything they need and I don't know of a single guide that barters... cash is the only mode of payment that I know of on the island.

However, if you insist on going with the supplies you mentioned, be prepared to have it all confiscated at the airport.
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Re: Is January barter month? - 10/07/03 02:16 PM

willie t I fish here once a month ,and I can tell ya no guides will barter ,like that maybe for a 25 in color tv ????only kidding the reason the prices are a steal !!!!go to my buddys site and look at the rates ...they start at us $170 how can you beat that.. I used to fish in the keys it cost twice as much some places ,three times as much .belize is very cheap and the people who fish here are super nice ...hope that helps??? check out my fishing post I do a report once a month .live the dream enjoy
Posted By: WillieT

Re: Is January barter month? - 10/07/03 11:08 PM

Okay, Nuff said. I guess that's out, but if I didn't ask I wouldn't know. You're right about the prices, I was amazed and that's why I went from 2 days of fishing to almost every day.
Thanks, y'all
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