December/January visitors, please help!

Posted By: Teenah

December/January visitors, please help! - 12/17/03 05:55 AM

First of all, for those traveling on Continental to Belize between now and Feb, there is an embargo on excessive luggage. Each passenger is allowed two bags, not to exceed 62 linear inches, and weighing not more than 70 pounds. Baggage larger than 62 linear inches will not be allowed and even if you're willing to pay extra, they will not allow more than two 70 pound bags.

This leads me to my plea for help. I have been traveling to AC for the last few years and whenever I fly down, I bring extra suitcases full of used children's clothing that I purchased for several of my Belizean friends. I had planned on packing a big ass suitcase to the gills and paying the extra fee for oversize luggage just to bring these clothes down. After a conversation with the postal service, I found that it's going to cost me somewhere around $160 to ship it.

Is there anyone headed to AC soon that would be willing to take a box of clothing down with you? I would be willing to mail them to you and can make arrangements for someone to get them at the San Pedro airport so you won't have to schlep them around too much. I have two boxes that each weigh about 30 pounds. If anyone is willing to help me out, I'd sure appreciate it. There will be lots of very happy Belizean kids too.


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Re: December/January visitors, please help! - 12/19/03 06:58 PM

Teenah, I could possibly.

Here's the catch. I will be trying to fly two days before my scheduled ticket departure. So I don't know how tricky luggage is when going standby. I would hate to committ only to leave a box behind. Basically, I'm flying standby with one modest size travel backpack and don't want to do anything that will greatly jeopardize taking a flight standby. I hope to fly down Dec. 29th. Any thoughts?
Posted By: Teenah

Re: December/January visitors, please help! - 12/19/03 10:06 PM


Thanks for your willingness to look into this with me. What airline are you flying? I'd be happy to check with them, but I would think that you would still be entitled to your two pieces of baggage, even if you did go standby. Anyone out there know?

I too am traveling down on the 29th. We are flying out of Denver and should get into Belize around 2:12.

Posted By: klcman

Re: December/January visitors, please help! - 12/20/03 12:39 AM

never had a problem with 2 bags - standby.
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Re: December/January visitors, please help! - 12/21/03 08:05 PM


Please email me directly at: [email protected]

I've been busy trying to find a place to stay in San Pedro for New Year's Eve!

I'm flying US Air.
Posted By: Teenah

Re: December/January visitors, please help! - 12/21/03 09:44 PM


An e-mail is on the way to your hotmail account. Thanks!

Posted By: NuclearJim

Re: December/January visitors, please help! - 12/22/03 09:29 PM

Are you sure that is for both checked bags and carry on's?

Their website policy limits the size of carry on's to two bags with the measurements you describe. I think you can also check two of any reasonable size. You might consider double checking their policy.

Good Luck!
Posted By: ckocian

Re: December/January visitors, please help! - 12/22/03 09:55 PM

The airlines have put restrictions in the past on excess baggage to Belize. Their commercial cargo load is higher this time of year hence the weight/size limit on checked baggage. Carry-on is one small bag and a personal bag such as a purse or a computer case, though you could have a small extra bundle such as a bag or box from duty free. And, no, you can't pay the extra for a heavier/larger checked piece for the reason stated above. It's nothing personal; it's just that they are trying to not have a plane carrying more weight that it's designed for.
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