February Trip

Posted By: bill b

February Trip - 12/18/03 07:52 PM

Hi all. Traveling in February to AC for the first time. And really looking forward to getting away from NYC weather. We’re staying at Paradise Villas, which we’re told is walking distance to town. Since we'll be there for only 8 days, we need to make sure we make all our bad choices early on, so here's where we need some help.

Restaurants – had enough of NYC 5 stars. Looking for local fixings. Crowds no problem if the atmosphere is festive. Suggestions?
Bars - we’re two straight guys looking to kick back, drink a lot of rum, stumble back to base camp in the wee hours and greet the dawn asleep. Where to avoid?
Tourists – they hate us but they love us – as long as we don’t come by cruise ship. True?
Drinking water – bottled? How do they make the ice?
Drugs – I’ve heard “just say no” thanks and keep walking. True?
Tipping – what’s the truth? We don’t want to get rolled for giving 20% to a friendly waitress or for giving 5% to a sour barkeep.
Crime – as long as us two big bad city boys are together (I look more frightening if I take off my glasses) we shouldn’t have any problems as we stumbled back home. True?

Any help you can give is much appreciated. As are any suggestions on touring, fishing, snorkling or lazing.
Posted By: Debbie

Re: February Trip - 12/18/03 08:58 PM

There are so many good restaurants, I don't think you'll have a problem. The food is wonderful.... My personal favorites? Jambel's Jerk Pit, Caliente's, Sweet Basils, Papi's Diner and Caribe Island Resort's restaurant/bar. Of course the two most popular hang outs seem to be Fido's and BC's Beach Bar. Can't go wrong with either of them. Paradise Villas is very nice. I stayed there a few years back. The grocery is just around the corner and the pool is awesome. No need for bottled water, unless you want to carry it with you. The tap water is safe. Paradise Villas will have cold beer waiting in the fridge for you upon your arrival. Just email them and request it. San Pedro is very safe. You'll have a wonderful time.
Posted By: bill b

Re: February Trip - 12/18/03 09:14 PM

thanks debbie. any good places to go for breakfast? is the town an early riser?
Posted By: captjeff

Re: February Trip - 12/18/03 10:00 PM

bill b you are in for a great time ,I go down once a month to fish with my capt is bicho a nice guy ... food ,and I also have some favorites as you said you want local places ,heres the real deal what debbie said sounds like a good mix in am estelles opens at six get the capt jeff healthy start breakfast ,two fried jacks with mango jam a three egg ham and cheese omelet with hash brown potatos hot steamimg cups of cofee ,and great conversation from the owner charlie . rubbys for great cinnamon buns and fried jacks also opens at 6 I also have great lunch and evening places but not realy local hangouts more trendy,or tourist places like taste of thai land ,stained glss pub ,el divinos ,elvies ,just to name a few but the board will help you out they have a wealth of information and will share the ones they love with you the dream and enjoy
Posted By: Barnicle Brad

Re: February Trip - 12/18/03 10:25 PM

When are you going in February? A group of us (12-14 pp) will be there the 11-16. We are also ready to party and eat/drink at the good local places. We signed up with Capt Bicho for a lobster fest on the 15th...looking forward to our 1st time trip to AC.
Posted By: Barbara K

Re: February Trip - 12/18/03 10:43 PM

Lily's for breakfast. A lot of places stop serving breakfast at 10AM. Right next door to PV is Paradis Hotel - they used to serve a good breakfast & may still - haven't tried in a while. Ruby's or la Popular bakery for take out. Most Belizeans do like tourists (even by cruise ship unfortunately!) Tipping usually 10% for good service. Appreciated but not necessarily expected. More for exceptional service, less for crappy service (like it should be!) You can also tip in "stuff" like Yankees hats, T shirts, etc. No real crime to speak of (compared to NYC!)
Posted By: seashell

Re: February Trip - 12/18/03 10:45 PM

You don't need to go as far as Estelle's for a good brekkie. The little outdoor circular restaurant/bar immediately south of Paradise Villas, serves a great breakfast. Go a hop, skip and a jump further south and eat brekkie at Lily's.
Posted By: Barbara K

Re: February Trip - 12/18/03 11:04 PM

Great minds think alike!
Posted By: bill b

Re: February Trip - 12/18/03 11:46 PM

hey thanks all for your advise. this board really seems to be full of nice people. we'll be down from 3/20 - 3/28 hope we get a chance to meet some of you. keep the advice coming (i think i'll bring a few extra yankee hats down for some special tips)
Posted By: mikell

Re: February Trip - 12/19/03 01:05 AM


didn't you mean...

2/20 to 2/28?

don't miss your plane! laugh
Posted By: bill b

Re: February Trip - 12/19/03 03:56 AM

thanks mikell. hopefully frank would have woke me up.i better go check my reservations.
Posted By: bill b

Re: February Trip - 12/19/03 04:56 AM

how early can i get a bloody mary....if i need one?
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