Caramba Retaurant

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Caramba Retaurant - 01/05/04 11:04 PM

We were in San Pedro Thanksgiving for 10days. This is a great restaurant downtown. Located on Middle St (Pescador drive). We had WONDERFUL lobster and Crab Legs. The service was excellent. The Rum punch was great and had plenty of rum in it. We found it on our last day there. It is family owned and Rene is the owner. They also offer free Conch Ceviche with chips when you come in. Just wanted to give this restaurant a big Thank You for such good food and service! laugh
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Re: Caramba Retaurant - 01/05/04 11:26 PM

are you talking crab legs or crab claws at the new restaurant
Posted By: HappyTraveler

Re: Caramba Retaurant - 01/06/04 08:51 PM

Crab legs!
Posted By: ScubaLdy

Re: Caramba Retaurant - 01/07/04 01:44 AM

It is a great place and I have a goo picture of the guys with their Christmas hats on. They may have it on their web page.
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Re: Caramba Retaurant - 01/07/04 01:46 AM

Here's their web site.
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Re: Caramba Retaurant - 01/07/04 03:33 AM

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Re: Caramba Retaurant - 01/07/04 04:55 AM

I went to the Cocina Caramba web site and browsed their menu. hope those prices aren't us$.
Posted By: SP Daily

Re: Caramba Retaurant - 01/07/04 05:07 AM

Look again. Menu clearly states "Prices are in Belize Dollars"
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Re: Caramba Retaurant - 01/07/04 05:20 AM

It took me a while to find that 'clearly stated' menu pricing, keep's in wee print smile
Posted By: Short

Re: Caramba Retaurant - 01/07/04 08:47 AM

Normally all restaurants and bars charge BZ$, only hotel rooms, diving, fishing, tours and real estate are US$.
Posted By: DJH

Re: Caramba Retaurant - 01/07/04 12:00 PM

ok. I looked at the menu and saw crab claws no legs. I was really hopping for the crab legs.
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Re: Caramba Retaurant - 01/08/04 02:27 AM

Ramons is not normal.
Posted By: kippe

Re: Caramba Retaurant - 01/08/04 06:55 AM

Cocina Caramba! Great place, great food, great service, great staff, can I say more. Living in San Pedro on a budget sends you to places with prices in BZE dollars. :rolleyes: Got stuck in a resort up North for dinner before I knew better thinking the place was REALLY cheap, all things considered, but alas!, it was US$$$$$$! and the poor waiter was stiffed as I was searching my purse for shillings! Some resorts insist on Belize being the littlest finger of US! confused
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Re: Caramba Retaurant - 01/08/04 08:34 PM

the capt does lunch here ,from time to time ,lots of locals ,taking,stew chicken and rice and beans out ..they will cook your fish you catch cheap .in summer can be hot ,so I sit under fan??think they have air cond now.. good conversation with renee the owner and his brother are very nice ,had the claws there once ,real good and messy . they are getting very busy at night now , that the words out that the food is real cheap and good ...
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