Posted By: CaptHorace

Tipping - 01/08/04 02:51 PM

Two more Fridays and we are on our way! I really appreciate all the help and suggestions that have been given on this board.

I may have overlooked this post, but what about tipping? In the states everyone has their hand out for a tip. In some areas you insult the host by tipping. I'm not trying to be a cheap skate, but is tipping expected, if so what %? Or is it a courtesy for above and beyond for excellent service?

We have a trip with capt B on a dive / fishing trip. I am putting together a "Care Package of tackle" for him. Capt Jeff any suggestions of what is needed or will be appreciated? Email me with your suggestions [email protected]

Capt Horace
Posted By: Chloe

Re: Tipping - 01/08/04 05:11 PM

TIP the same as you do back are always appreciated, no one will refuse a tip.
Posted By: captjeff

Re: Tipping - 01/08/04 07:00 PM

my fellow capt when are you going ,were are you staying ???
Posted By: CaptHorace

Re: Tipping - 01/08/04 10:21 PM

Arriving 23 (day after you leave, unless you decide to stay) and leaving on the 31st.

Rented a home called the Palms.

Capt Horace
Posted By: captjeff

Re: Tipping - 01/08/04 11:57 PM

good for you enjoy your day with capt bicho ,and his son call me at my work if you have any fishing questions ????? or just want to chit chat fishing toll free 1 800 231 7447 , live the dream and enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted By: sean

Re: Tipping - 01/09/04 12:20 AM

I fished with capt.bicho and his son last march and I'm going to again this march. what a great time. we went back to his house for a b.b que and some lobster and coch. I brought some cold beliken beer from the beer depot and they were very happy to get it. I also went bone fishing with his brother but can't spell his name-severin??? they were soo nice and we caught alot of fish!! have fun
Posted By: CaptHorace

Re: Tipping - 01/09/04 03:05 AM

We have a "Dive / Fishing / Feast" set up for Monday with the Capt. We will probably schedule more, but since this is our first time we were not sure on what to schedule.

We live at the coast of NC so fishing is the only thing we do, other than drink beer. Pretty good at both! laugh

We would like to do some wade fishing, is this possible or do we need to charter a guide?

Posted By: captjeff

Re: Tipping - 01/09/04 05:33 PM

sean you are right on about fishing with capt bicho do you know he has a new no# 011 501 2062191 and check out his new web site he is in business for himself now,and booking charters every day .. and what monday are you going ???? Iam down to the 14 to the 22 what day are you fishing with bicho ??
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