Overlooking Typos

Posted By: Badco

Overlooking Typos - 01/09/04 03:42 AM

Can we stop with the tacky jabs involving typos?
Not nice, not nice.........this isn't a newspaper. frown
Posted By: Badco

Re: Overlooking Typos - 01/09/04 08:18 PM

Glad people saw & were also moved to comment on the rude remarks contained on the reef thread.
Reef deserves to have a thread that's complimentary, and I have chosen to put my remarks on this new thread.
It's just not right to insult someone and then say I didn't mean to offend you. It's like telling someone to go to hell, and make them feel happy to be on their way. At the very least their should come an apology, now that the facts reveal a medical condition as an underlying cause. I thought we were all adults here, but this was childish & not nice.
Posted By: captjeff

Re: Overlooking Typos - 01/09/04 10:11 PM

badco your right the reef ,is a wonderful thread and the board is not the place to cheapen his wonderful flair .as you know I was open and straight forward with dogmatic ,,he insulted me,..and was off base with his stupid replies ,he thinks playing a silly game at the expense of the board and myself is fun .he needs to get a reality check .. it is difficult to see the forest from the trees ...nobody but, nobody thinks he is at all funny or makes any sence ,,,happy and healthy new year....
Posted By: Badco

Re: Overlooking Typos - 01/10/04 06:57 PM

smile I agree with you completely. Happy New Year to you as well & I too thank you for the positive words you share. smile
Posted By: Chloe

Re: Overlooking Typos - 01/10/04 07:15 PM

Personally the board is great, when there are several points of view on the same subject, IMHO.

Watch Chloe walk the plank, Dog's postings and thoughts are provoking, and I find that stimulating.

Each person has his or her way of expressing themselves. One is not of greater worth than another's.
Posted By: captjeff

Re: Overlooking Typos - 01/10/04 10:36 PM

chole you are right on ,everyone should have a right to be heard ,but in dog poo case he jumped on me just to show every one how smart he thinks he is ..then when I shared the facts that I am far from perfect ,he continued to play his silly game . showing no senstivity and compansation. he was still acting like a classless jerk .so most board members told him to take a hike .we do not have to agree on the topic or even if one person does not have a lot of expertise on a subject ,,like who cares ???but do not critize on how one writes or one spells or they have bad or good grammar... this sounds like he has be doing this his whole boring life . he is always trying to be cute,,but no real person acts that stupid ... he does it for attention only !!!!!!!!! wishing you and your and family health and peace for the new year
Posted By: Miss Anthropy

Re: Overlooking Typos - 01/10/04 11:12 PM

Hey Cap't Jeff, we always enjoy your posts, you share a lot of yourself and also good, interesting info. Please keep it up, living the dream is right on. Here's cheers to typos! and fcuk DP and his annoying pseudo-intellectual ramblings.
Posted By: Badco

Re: Overlooking Typos - 01/11/04 04:01 AM

Chloe, thank gawd for differing opinions and that this forum is available to make them, but when it is learned that a medical condition is behind a less than stellar composition then the foot should be plucked from the mouth and an apology made. Agree to disagree all day long, but rudeness isn't necessary or warranted.I think dog's dry humor is mostly amusing,but I think this was a faux pas. Period.
Posted By: captjeff

Re: Overlooking Typos - 01/11/04 04:59 PM

miss anthropy well shut my mouth ,I read it perfectly you said a mouthful love ya ..and thanks, time to move on with something good and positive have a great day !!!!
Posted By: dogmatic prevaricator

Re: Overlooking Typos - 01/12/04 02:15 PM

Jeff, moving on is a perfect suggestion. I believe you have equalled, or perhaps exceeded, the insult threshold. Live the dream, man.
Posted By: captjeff

Re: Overlooking Typos - 01/12/04 04:26 PM

dogmatic ,a honest apology from the heart.would be nice ??? and trust me I live the dream every day ...and hope you can understand where I am comming from ..and lets go forward >>>!!!
Posted By: dogmatic prevaricator

Re: Overlooking Typos - 01/12/04 04:29 PM

I'm sorry I offended you.
Posted By: Chloe

Re: Overlooking Typos - 01/12/04 05:00 PM

Outstanding smile
Posted By: captjeff

Re: Overlooking Typos - 01/12/04 05:02 PM

there now you feel better ,now your talking the talk and can walk the walk .you have a great day now dogmatic,and let the sun shine on your face ,and keep the wind on your back ..peace to ya
Posted By: Pedro1

Re: Overlooking Typos - 01/12/04 05:17 PM

Personally Dog I think you should **** off and leave everyone alone until you are big enough to answer their questions about posts that you either started or interveined in,and issue a serious apology to the people that you took great delight in insulting
Let me remind you that it was only a few months ago you set up another pseudonym and ended up discoursing with yourself.
Me I stand by statements that you are a total "fruitcake".
Posted By: Chloe

Re: Overlooking Typos - 01/12/04 05:50 PM

Pedro, Dog said I am sorry!

Pedro why are you stirring the pot more? Let it be, you were winning, accept the win.
Posted By: Badco

Re: Overlooking Typos - 01/12/04 07:34 PM

I'm thrilled to see this public apology. Now the slate is clean.
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