Vacation Photo's

Posted By: specv

Vacation Photo's - 01/24/04 07:00 AM

With the nice comments from the first web album I created. I decide to turn the other albums from private to public. If just one potential visitor is enticed to try Belize and AC because of my pictures, I will be happy laugh . There not party pics, just boring family pics.

A little background... My mom has lived in AC for several years and this was my first trip. We (me, Andrew12 and Meghan8) stayed three weeks with her and spent a week on the mainland (3 days at Ian Andersons, one in Marthas in San Ignacio and 3 in Tikal at Jaguar Inn) using Novelo busses to get around.

Posted By: Teenah

Re: Vacation Photo's - 01/24/04 09:36 AM


Enjoyed your photos. Thanks for sharing.

Posted By: Bobber

Re: Vacation Photo's - 01/24/04 03:14 PM

Loved the pictures. I think you've given your kids something that will color their existence for a long time. That's a great thing to expand their horizons.
Posted By: mikell

Re: Vacation Photo's - 01/25/04 04:31 PM

again...thanks so much for sharing these terrific photos...

it's been wonderful to take a look at so many places we will soon experience ourselves...

the photos are excellent and i will feel like i've been there already when we arrive...

you will truly inspire others to discover belize!
Posted By: Mel S

Re: Vacation Photo's - 01/25/04 04:54 PM

Nice pics.
Posted By: kcjd

Re: Vacation Photo's - 01/26/04 01:02 AM

Indeed! Thanks especially for the Belizean Shores pool pics, as we will be staying there.

In fact yours could be used be them they are so good.

Posted By: specv

Re: Vacation Photo's - 02/27/04 07:08 AM

Posted By: Brad WB

Re: Vacation Photo's - 02/27/04 08:30 AM

Wonderful pictures...thanks for sharing. smile
Posted By: coconuts

Re: Vacation Photo's - 02/27/04 02:41 PM

Great pics!Thank you so much sharing. Can't wait, 4 weeks and counting.
thanks again, nancy
Posted By: alaurieb

Re: Vacation Photo's - 02/27/04 05:54 PM

Great Pictures!
Thanks for sharing.
I can't wait to take my own!
Posted By: Eric Who ?

Re: Vacation Photo's - 02/27/04 10:11 PM


Thanks for sharing the pics, I especially loved the "Andrew inside" pic, beautiful.

Posted By: goody2shuz

Re: Vacation Photo's - 02/27/04 10:34 PM

Really got a kick out of the fruit bat pic!!! It's amazing what one has to look forward to seeing on AC..thanks for sharing.
Posted By: specv

Re: Vacation Photo's - 02/28/04 02:41 AM

Thank you all for the kind comments. There not wild party pics, just boring family pics. Needless to say I'm quite fond of them. Four weeks in Belize this past New Year wasn't enough, were planning our second visit already.

Regarding the bats, each window around the house would be several each night, you just followed the guano trails they left on moms white house. She would pull the shade on her bathroom window cause they would follow her around the room with there eyes, turning there heads back and forth.

Arlington, Texas
Posted By: Ernie B

Re: Vacation Photo's - 02/28/04 04:26 AM

Jeff, Join us at Lake Conroe in May for our annual San Pedro Social Club Partee. See SPSC '04 on the General Chat area
Posted By: denverdan

Re: Vacation Photo's - 02/28/04 09:38 PM

GREAT pixs!
All we have are boring family pixs too! laugh
Posted By: goody2shuz

Re: Vacation Photo's - 02/28/04 11:11 PM

Jeff...we are looking into staying at Belizean Shores. How far is it from town and is it quiet enough? Is there good snorkeling off the pier and a place for my hubby to fish when he awakens early in the a.m.? Any info would be appreciated. We are trying to decide between Banana Beach and Belizean
Posted By: Marty

Re: Vacation Photo's - 02/29/04 04:19 AM

LOVE the pics, looks like you guys sure got around!!!
and had a great time!

mind if i use a few pics on the website?
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