Basil Jones Resort

Posted By: Deb B

Basil Jones Resort - 02/05/04 08:58 PM

Does anyone know the status of the Basil Jones Resort? We bought a February time share week there about 6 yrs ago, while it was under construction. I know there were delays due to a hurricane, etc. We were told that there were additional delays due to embezzeling of funds (we were told that a man named Adam Chandler had embezzled $ & fled the country), but the last we had heard, it was still being built & our purchase was being honored. It has been 6 years since we purchased the timeshare week, and we're trying to find out what happened to our $ and the resort. RCI no longer has it listed on their site, and we can't get a hold of anyone to let us know.

Do any of you know the status? Are we victims of fraud? If you know any details or even who we can contact, please let me know. Thanks in advance.

Posted By: Pedro1

Re: Basil Jones Resort - 02/05/04 09:35 PM

Sorry to relay this but "you have been defrauded" and the property is in the hands of the builder hired to build the resort and he has it for sale.He was not a party to the fraud but ended,and still is,seriously out of pocket.
Posted By: Debbie

Re: Basil Jones Resort - 02/05/04 09:45 PM

Yes I'm afraid you've lost your money. I got to see Basil Jones while under construction. The model unit we saw was gorgeous, and the place had such potential. It's a damned shame it never got finished, and even worse, a damn shame that so many people got shafted. I'm sorry that it happened to you.
Posted By: Brad WB

Re: Basil Jones Resort - 02/05/04 10:40 PM

I stumbled upon a Yahoo message board with this description..."This is a site for those unfortunate people that invested/pruchased in the Cabana Reef (formerly Basil Jones Resort) timeshare in Belize. This Yahoo! Group will hopefully help the owners coordinate our efforts to deal with this situation." appears you are not alone in this predicament. frown
Posted By: IRM

Re: Basil Jones Resort - 02/06/04 06:34 PM

There are some units built furnished and all. Pretty much an abandoned resort. Here are some pics.
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