First Trip to BZ

Posted By: Pmac

First Trip to BZ - 02/05/04 09:24 PM

Hello All.

My GF and I are coming Down for the first time on Feb 28th and staying a week at Capt. Morgans.

We where wondering Can we bring some snack type stuff in (Crackers, Chips etc.) and some bottles of water?

Also What is the shopping like?? Are there beach vendors or just shops in town??

Also any info on the water taxi's would be great. IE. How do you get one, How late do they run stuff like that.

Web sites would be fine.

Any else I need to know??

Thanks for the help!
Posted By: TennesseeTraveler

Re: First Trip to BZ - 02/05/04 10:58 PM

You can bring whatever you want. My wife and I brought peanut butter crackers, but they are available in the stores.

Shopping is in town which is on the beach.

Capt. Morgans is north of the cut which means you will have a little inconvenience getting back and forth to town. The waters taxi's have a schedule but I don't remember. Is it not on this web sight?

I hope someone else with more info will reply.

Have a great trip
Posted By: Pmac

Re: First Trip to BZ - 02/06/04 05:32 PM

Thanks for the info!

Anyone else care to add anything???
Posted By: Redheada

Re: First Trip to BZ - 02/06/04 05:58 PM

Pmac I would love a trip report when you come back. I am going the end of April for a week too. Are you staying in a beachfront cabana or villa?

I have received some great info from people on the board. Email me at [email protected] and I will forward what I have.

Have a great time!
Posted By: IRM

Re: First Trip to BZ - 02/06/04 06:19 PM

Island Ferry //

There is a bottled water plant in town so you don't have to bring you own.
Ideally having a golf cart at your disposal would be the best for getting back and forth to town and around in general. There are three decent supermarkets in town.
Have Fun.
Posted By: Pmac

Re: First Trip to BZ - 02/06/04 06:32 PM


We will be staying in a cabana. We got the honeymoon package.

I was planing on posting a report after we get back.


Thanks for the info!!!!!
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