hey mikell how ya doin?

Posted By: bill b

hey mikell how ya doin? - 02/06/04 05:53 AM

15 wakeups and the dream begins. the weather here has been really really bad. and is supposed to get worse tomorrow. see ya at the sunday bbq. if you get there before us, save some ribs and rum for us. bill b.
Posted By: mikell

Re: hey mikell how ya doin? - 02/06/04 03:19 PM

hi bill...good to hear from you...

figured you guys were just hanging in like us and trying to get thru the next couple of weeks! we wake up every day now "counting down"...and it can't come soon enough!

we've had a brief respite from the bone chilling temps...but the snow banks are still pretty high and todays freezing rain doesn't improve our spirits!

the only thing that thoughts of AC! can't wait to be sitting on the beach at BC's and very much looking forward to meeting up with you and frank! keep warm til then!
Posted By: kcjd

Re: hey mikell how ya doin? - 02/06/04 05:07 PM

Hi guys-

13 wakeups for us. I like that, wakeups...ha!

Had 6 inches of snow yesterday. This time it was not proceeded by any ICE. TG

See ya at BC's.....
Posted By: mikell

Re: hey mikell how ya doin? - 02/07/04 12:32 AM

hi kcjd...

you're on my list of folks to "look out" for!

we call it "sleeps"...only 14 more sleeps....this time two weeks from now...we'll be at BB and will have our first sleep on AC!

soon come!
Posted By: Warner

Re: hey mikell how ya doin? - 02/07/04 06:36 AM

Hi mikell and all, we will be there the same time as you. Arrive on the 22nd until Mar 4. There is four of us, and maybe we can hook up for a drink somewhere.
Posted By: mikell

Re: hey mikell how ya doin? - 02/07/04 03:37 PM

hi warner...

welcome to our "club"! hope to see more than a few boardies at BC's BBQ for sunday lunch...the day you arrive...if you aren't in early enough...maybe the following sunday?

where are you coming from? and where are you staying? it's a small place...we'll keep an eye out for people we "meet" on the board...

guess you are all into the "countdown" like we are right now!
Posted By: bill b

Re: hey mikell how ya doin? - 02/08/04 12:56 PM

hi mikell. you seem like a pretty good organizer so how about talking up a board meeting for wednesday night, 2/25, around 8 pm? you pick the place. i'll buy the first round!! bill.
Posted By: mikell

Re: hey mikell how ya doin? - 02/08/04 05:01 PM

smile my "younger" ( wink ) days...i was always the one to get the parties got that right! ... would love to find a place with some live music on the beach...maybe once we've cruised the place a couple of days we'll have a better idea where the action is...who hosts mid week music? i'll check the board for answers...

i have to tell you tho...we are not late nighters usually...we tend to rise before the sun on vacations...and by 9 or 10 we are falling asleep! in negril last year, we had a hard time staying up past 8 our first few nights! must have been the change of climate or something...pretty pathetic! but we were always up in the dark with coffee brewed waiting for sunrise!

what we need to do is take a long siesta in the afternoon...i do love warm "summer" nights and that's a plan...sleep in a hammock somewhere after lunch!! that should give us a couple more hours on the "dark side"!!
Posted By: mikell

Re: hey mikell how ya doin? - 02/08/04 05:16 PM's a couple of ideas...i found on the site...

maybe to start with...for dinner??

Pier Lounge
Home of the famous Chicken Drop, an island tradition. Every Wednesday beginning at 6:00 pm the Pier Lounge sets up for the gaming event of the week. Just outside on the beach is a small fenced area with a grid of the numbers 1 - 100. A ticket is sold for each square and when all tickets are sold a chicken is released into the fenced area. The rest you can guess. Great fun for the whole family.


Wednesday night is Ladies Night at Dockside where you will find one of the most happening places on the island. Just take a walk down the beach after the Pier Lounge Chicken Drop and get ready for a mid-week party to spice up your night.


Fido's Courtyard
This is a very popular destination with tourists to the island and also home to live music almost every night of the week usually beginning at 8pm.

looks like we won't have any problem finding someplace to have fun!
Posted By: Warner

Re: hey mikell how ya doin? - 02/08/04 05:58 PM

We are a group of four, myself and my wife from Canada. The other two are freinds from Chicago. We are staying at Corona Del Mar. We were there last year as well. Can't wait to get there, man it's been cold here.
Posted By: mikell

Re: hey mikell how ya doin? - 02/08/04 07:19 PM


i'm an expat in upstate NY with my full blooded yankee husband.

where in canada? i hail from northern ontario...moved here four years ago...

thinking we have to try out the crazy cannucks bar at least once, eh? smile
Posted By: bill b

Re: hey mikell how ya doin? - 02/09/04 03:33 AM

mikell, thanks for the report. BUT you have to pick one place where we can meet at around 8. (you'll just have to take an extra long noon time nap). fidos sounds interesting. by the by i'm a expat new foundlander (albeit at a very eary age). pops was a fisherman from way back and gave me the love of the water.
Posted By: Warner

Re: hey mikell how ya doin? - 02/09/04 03:52 AM

My wife is from Windsor Ont. and I am from Winnipeg. We are in Winnipeg now. The C.C is a great place. Come to think of it when we were in AC last year all the places were great. You will like Banana Beach it is a nice hotel. We will be in Miami for a few days first. Never been there before. Can't wait!!!
Posted By: RMT

Re: hey mikell how ya doin? - 02/09/04 03:58 AM

Ok...sorry to butt in on this....I was born on Cape Breton Island and I just had to to jump in! smile American citizen as my dad was stationed there, mom Canadian. Wish I was going to be there at the same time Bill and Mikell but won't be until 3/5-3/20 for our third visit. You will love it. Great laid back, easy going vibe. Our last trip we met up with boarders at BC's. A nice afternoon. The BBQ is fantastic!! laugh
Posted By: mikell

Re: hey mikell how ya doin? - 02/09/04 04:52 AM

i love this...all the cannucks coming out of the woodwork!!! wink

bill...nfld. is the ONLY province i've never visited...and i long to see it one day...i hear it's pretty amazing....and newfies have THE BEST sense of humour! of my very best friends lives in winnipeg...she's a writer...susie moloney...any chance you've heard of her?...she's had a couple of novels that have had some great attention ...tom cruise's film co. bought the movie rights to one of her books.

rmt...cape breton is one of the prettiest places i've ever been...i once hitchhiked all around the cabot trail with a my early was the time of my life!

ok bill... here's what i think about wednesday...i want to check out the "chicken drop" at 6ish...then meet up at 8 at the Dockside (AKA Wet Willies bar,i think)...for ladies night ....check out their web sounds like a great night spot on the pier...and then...we can move on to fido's or stay put if we like it there...whatever seems best...

how does that sound? can we say 8 at wet willies and take it from there?
Posted By: PATLAF

Re: hey mikell how ya doin? - 02/09/04 10:31 PM

Posted By: mikell

Re: hey mikell how ya doin? - 02/10/04 12:16 AM


hope to see you at Banana Beach before you leave...make sure you leave a great impression of your fellow cannucks wink ...we'll be following in your footsteps!

bon voyage...have a great flight!
Posted By: Warner

Re: hey mikell how ya doin? - 02/10/04 12:34 AM


Sorry I have not heard of her, but it sounds like she is doing well for herself. I wish I was going tomorrow like patlaf. It has finally warmed up hear a bit.
Posted By: Kathy F.

Re: hey mikell how ya doin? - 02/10/04 06:14 PM

I am not from Canada (we are in Oklahoma), but we have some very good friends that are live in Newfoundland. We were lucky enough to spend a week there last year (in the summer!) and it was great. Our friends have a daughter who is working in Labrador and sent us some pictures of a road crew clearing off a "highway". laugh Take a look. It will make you feel very lucky to be anywhere else, and especially lucky if you are in San Pedro!! smile smile
Posted By: mikell

Re: hey mikell how ya doin? - 02/11/04 12:35 AM

WOW! eek yes sir...that would be newfoundland/labrador!!

ok...i'm never going to complain about winter in upstate NY again!
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