2 extra days! Need Recommendation

Posted By: Redheada

2 extra days! Need Recommendation - 02/07/04 06:17 PM

We are booking our flights and are staying at Captain Morgans for a week. We actually will have 2 extra days at the end of our trip (CM pretty booked) and I was thinking it would be a good time to stay somewhere else. I am not entirely interested in staying inland.

Does anyone have any recommendations of where to stay for the 2 days? I love AC - so it is hard for me to consider anything else (nor have I gone anywhere else)

Another caye perhaps?
A property worth the 2 night stay alone?

Any recommendations of what not to miss would be greatly appreciated. This is for a delayed honeymoon. THanks!
Posted By: bill b

Re: 2 extra days! Need Recommendation - 02/08/04 12:34 PM

hi redheada. my first trip to ac will be in 12 days so i'm really not one to suggest things but i've done my homework - for what thats worth - and i'm planning two days in caye caulker while i'm down there. it is a quick boat ride away and looks like a mini, more subdued (if thats possible) ac. it seems like a really laid back place with good places to sleep, eat and party. the people on this board are really great sources for info so i'm sure you'll get alot of first hand advice.
Posted By: Redheada

Re: 2 extra days! Need Recommendation - 02/08/04 05:47 PM

I like that idea definitely. Any places that seem to stick out as far as lodging recommendations? This is a delayed honeymoon - so we want to stay with something romantic on the beach.
Posted By: klcman

Re: 2 extra days! Need Recommendation - 02/08/04 05:48 PM

Victoria House ( or to go way south, try CI - hear it's nice :p )- other reports say the island is getting busier, so don't procrastinate.
Posted By: sweets

Re: 2 extra days! Need Recommendation - 02/08/04 05:55 PM

Belizean Shores is great....and right down the beach from Captin Morgan's - they have the BEST pool on the island....very nice! [email protected]
Posted By: bill b

Re: 2 extra days! Need Recommendation - 02/09/04 04:26 AM

i had the same questions and the the silkpainter (lee) has really helped out alot. i was headed to her studio anyway and she said she'd help me find a place to stay when i got there. i HOPE she hasn't fotgotten. just bring some hershey kisses with almonds. capt jeff says she'll do anything for them including helping you find a place to sleep,eat and drink. by the by, friends say her art studio in THE place to visit for locaal art at great prices.
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