taking fish home

Posted By: currier1

taking fish home - 02/18/04 02:29 AM

Not that I want to do this, but one of the people coming with us want to bring some fish home. I did not think this was a problem, but no sense bringing a cooler down if someone's going to give us a hassle when we leave or when we get to Miami.

Anyone have any experience with this?

Two weeks and counting and we're there!!!
Posted By: klcman

Re: taking fish home - 02/18/04 02:40 AM

US Fish & Wildlife as well as Customs regulations are quite restrictive & complicated. You should check with USF&W Service for specifics. At once time, and I think it still true that, only at specific ports of entry was/is it possible, once all the I's were dotted and T's crossed.

I'd expect a hassle. wink
Posted By: Angelo

Re: taking fish home - 02/18/04 02:42 AM

I think US Customs might be an issue. They don't think too highly of parasites being introduced into the country. I know someone that tried it in California from Mexico. The state laws are different, so you have to check with not only US Customs, but the port of entry state's Fish and Game Commission. My buddy had no problem bringing it back to California since the rules were followed for that state i.e. fish head and tail intact so it can be identified, and he had to fill out separate paperwork. It may not be worth the hassle.
Posted By: TIMO

Re: taking fish home - 02/18/04 04:37 AM

Just got back last week, and I know one of the guys in our group was taking fish home. As a matter of fact,he was saying that he does so each year. Sorry but I did not get the details, but it does sound possible as I have heard of others doing so in past years. Better check with customs to be safe. Good fishing! TIMO
Posted By: bywarren

Re: taking fish home - 02/19/04 12:55 AM

There is no problem bring frozen fish into the US. Belize requires a permit that you must obtain prior to leaving Belize with fish or any other seafood. Your hotel should be able to assist you in getting the permit. It is not a big problem.
Posted By: klcman

Re: taking fish home - 02/19/04 02:05 AM

well, there ya go! cool
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Re: taking fish home - 02/19/04 04:22 PM

bywarren is truly the man ...he knows fishing /hunting is a great chef .has great taste in woman ,knows all about life and has a passion for belize ,when I grow up I want to be just like my buddy !!!!!! byron .. thats if I ever grow up ?????? see ya in march ...
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Re: taking fish home - 02/19/04 04:30 PM

If you ask me(which you probably will not,so I will say so anyway)-It is about time that Bywarren actually knew something at all!!!!
Posted By: captjeff

Re: taking fish home - 02/19/04 05:11 PM

pedro my other buddy,you know bywarren is very /very /smart you may not agree but he borders genious,you are just so jealous ..on another note get the vip list ready for the fishing trips .see ya soon
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