Posted By: Pmac

Ceviche - 02/18/04 07:31 PM

One of the things I found I liked in my trips to Mexico is Ceviche.

Was wondering if anyplace in AC has good Ceviche?
Posted By: dms

Re: Ceviche - 02/18/04 08:43 PM

Victoria House does!
Posted By: Wayne-o

Re: Ceviche - 02/18/04 08:46 PM

It is one of my wifes favoites,we found it available at most places it was either shrimp or lobster--no matter they do a greatjob with this dish.ENJOY!!
Posted By: Kra-Z-K

Re: Ceviche - 02/18/04 09:07 PM

conch and lobster civiche is served most places! I love it at Concina Corumbas!!! With their lobster burritos. Ambergris Delight has great ceviche and seafood pizza.
Posted By: Barbara K

Re: Ceviche - 02/18/04 09:50 PM

Sandals used to have great ceviche. Still?
Posted By: Pmac

Re: Ceviche - 02/18/04 10:50 PM

Very cool thanks everyone!
Posted By: klcman

Re: Ceviche - 03/10/04 03:55 AM

me thinks many don't even know where Sandals is Barb, laugh
Posted By: Barbara K

Re: Ceviche - 03/10/04 04:21 AM

True. Is it still behind Jaguar's Temple? I knew it at the end of Front Street up by Paradise Villas but know it is not there now.
Posted By: klcman

Re: Ceviche - 03/10/04 05:01 AM

yup....still there (pretty sure anyway, at least on my last trip) place to hang with the locals (most gringo's afraid perhaps?) and NOTHING like it's namesake in Jamaica laugh
Posted By: crockhunter

Re: Ceviche - 03/10/04 02:37 PM

Wet Willies serves a platter of ceveche that is fish, conch, and shrimp.....very good.
Posted By: Jack and Rose

Re: Ceviche - 03/10/04 03:28 PM

If you want some of the best ceviche you'll ever have,try to catch China,pronounced "Cheena",along the beach in town.We stayed at Aqua Marina Suites,& she would come by most days around 4:00.
She has plastic cups filled with conch,conch & shrimp & shrimp cocktail. It's a great deal as she provides spoons,tortia chips,& napkins.
I also agree that Carambas had good ceviche. Carambas is one of our favorties eateries, try the blackend Snapper.
Posted By: KWIBMF

Re: Ceviche - 03/10/04 04:48 PM

Sandals used to be one of my favorite places on AC. Mostly locals, great atmosphere,great fun. Then on a trip 7-8 years ago, instead of Sandals, I damn near walked into what was now someones home.
I didn't care for the new location as much, but it was still a fun place to hang out. And yes, great ceviche. Dropped in on my last trip and there wasn't another sole in the place. No more sand on the floor, and no ceviche. Just not the same place.
Posted By: NJgirl

Re: Ceviche - 03/10/04 07:41 PM

One of our favorite activities in San Pedro was sampling the ceviche in every restaurant that offered it! Mostly conch, but we also tried some other kinds. The best (in our opinion) was at Caliente. It's been a couple of years, so I don't know if it's still there. Anyone know?
Posted By: Jack and Rose

Re: Ceviche - 03/10/04 07:52 PM

Yes Caliente's is still there. We had dinner there last Friday night. Did not have the ceviche,but enjoyed a good piece of Grouper.
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