renting a hobie cat

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renting a hobie cat - 02/21/04 06:52 PM

we will be in AC mid-April (1st trip) and would like some advice about renting a hobie catamaran for the day. we are experienced in ocean sailing (not around Belize though) so no instructions are needed.

can anyone share suggestions on prices for a day rental and who to contact once we arrive?

thanks in advance for any feedback........
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Re: renting a hobie cat - 02/21/04 07:05 PM

If you mean the small hobie cats. Go see Chris and Jo at Sailsports. Located right by Cannibal's (if I remember correctly.) We have rented from them both times we have been to SP, but only sailed inside the reef. It's a great way to spend a few hours or a day. Prices are on their website. Take sunscreen and water! Have a wonderful trip. mobunny

// cool
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Re: renting a hobie cat - 02/21/04 07:32 PM

thanks for the info. what are the seas like outside the reef?

are you able to circle the island inside the reef and if so how much time should you allow with a steady breeze day?

if you sailed the lightening cat, are there storage areas in the hulls for water and food?

thanks again........
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Re: renting a hobie cat - 02/21/04 09:18 PM

I don't really know too much more info about sailing a hobie cat. We are just amateur sailors and enjoy piddling up and down the island docking occasionally for a rum punch. What I do know is if you don't know the waters well you can end up in a lot of trouble. Getting in and out of the reef can be treacherous. (See pics - there are 3.)
This is just a little south of Ramon's pier. The couple sailing this pretty boat missed the markers and their boat sat on the reef for several weeks. You should email Chris at Sailsports and see what he says. I think he lets experienced sailors go outside the reef. Have fun!
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Re: renting a hobie cat - 02/21/04 09:42 PM

thanks again for your feedback and photos. get pics of your trip. can't wait for the no-stress, no-calls, no-emails, relaxation time.

appreciate you sharing your trip with me.

ps - we lived in angle fire resort from 6/96-6/00. how is the place doing now?
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Re: renting a hobie cat - 02/22/04 09:10 PM

The Hobbie Cats are right on the beach you won't miss them. There just the basic 16', no storage and no righting rops, very sadly no trapeze. A Hobie with out wires, sinful.
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Re: renting a hobie cat - 02/22/04 10:25 PM

this is Chris from Sailsports. We rent hobie 14's and 17's. The 17 does have a trapeze although we dont always advertise it and it does have a little bit of storage in each hull, enough for some water and a snack, all the boats are the new plastic variety and boomless so a bit slower than the old 16's but still good boats.
Daily rates are half day rates are $70US for the 14 and $100US for the 17. You can get hold of us at 226-4488 when you arrive or email [email protected] or just walk along the beach by the Holiday hotel. We rarely let people outside the reef, the channels are no longer marked. As everyone else has said its a great way to see the island and the water is beautiful.
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Re: renting a hobie cat - 03/03/04 10:19 PM

Chris: Thanks for your help on the sailing information. We will give you a call once we arrive.

Are we able to tie to any buoys around the island for a little snorkeling during the sailing day?

Is it possible to sail around the island inside the reef and does the wind blow from a specific direction or is it changing?

Are we able to pay with a credit card?

Also, do most of the restaurants and bars accept credit cards since we prefer to not travel with a lot of cash?

Thanks for your feedback and see you in about 5 weeks.
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