Renting a Private Beach Home

Posted By: Poindexter

Renting a Private Beach Home - 02/23/04 04:35 PM

Hello to all from northern Michigan where we have 3+ feet of snow, Brrrrrr.....
Anyway I am Planning my 3rd trip back to AC for early 2005 na d I'm bringing my new born (by then) and parents. Instead of staying at Ramon's for the 3rd time I am interested in renting a private beach home north of town. I will be traveling with my wife, 8 month old daughter, mother and step father. I usually fish most of the trip and the rest of the family likes to lay in the sun and swim in a pool. I have been on just about every web page for AC looking for this perfect rental. I am comming up short in my searches. Can anyone tell me a name of a home or a web page I can locate my perfect rental? North of town, at least 2 nice bedrooms, a pool is a must, and I price should be under $2500 if less great! I have found many houses that meet all the requirements minus the pool. I found Calm Caye Villa but it shares a pool with other homes. Is this the best choice or is there somthing out there that I haven't found? Thank you in advance.
Posted By: ilandhoper

Re: Renting a Private Beach Home - 02/23/04 05:22 PM

Check out this site. I too was looking for a rental home, as this is my second trip to AC.

Stayed at the Palm House last time I was there. Absolutely great, no complaints at all. Pool was nice. I fully intended this time to stay at a rental home, although the Palm House was twice as large as I needed this time, 3 bedrooms. My friend and I found that Coconuts has a Penthouse suite with 2 bedrooms and kitchen area that is more than 1/2 price of many of the rental homes. I am leaving this Saturday for my stay, and will let you know how the accomodations are. If you are dead set on a house, check out the above link if you haven't already. They have atleast 22 places they manage on AC.
Posted By: kcwaterbug

Re: Renting a Private Beach Home - 02/24/04 12:32 AM

Try or (casa gonzo). Both are great locations and would be large enough to suit you needs
Posted By: Marty

Re: Renting a Private Beach Home - 02/25/04 07:12 AM

north of town is mandatory?
Posted By: Poindexter

Re: Renting a Private Beach Home - 02/25/04 11:29 PM

I guess is doesn't have to be north of town but it seems to me as you travel north there are far less people & it seems to be cleaner...why, what did you have in mind, i will listen to any suggestions.
Posted By: KathyA

Re: Renting a Private Beach Home - 02/25/04 11:42 PM

You might want to contact Casa Tortuga and see if Peggy would rent out just the upstairs. There are 2 master bedrooms upstairs and one bath. Downstairs are three smaller bedrooms and a bath and it is unattached from the upstairs. It is an awesome place and I would highly recommend it! It comes complete with a pool and a cook/housekeeper.
Posted By: mwilli

Re: Renting a Private Beach Home - 02/26/04 04:51 AM

We liked the looks of Casa Manana as well! Very pretty, with a nice pool, and other amenities! The owners were very nice!

We decided to go with Playa Blanca Island Villa up north...the boat was what got us, though there is no pool!
Posted By: California Girl

Re: Renting a Private Beach Home - 02/26/04 06:13 AM

North of town - Brianna's Beach House meets all the requirements except the pool.....but 2 doors away is The Tides Hotel which has a nice pool and you could probably make arrangements with them. Brianna's is right on the ocean - a million dollar view - and less than the price you're willing to pay. We stayed there a few weeks back and felt quite at home - except for the Tides, it's pretty much a residential neighborhood.

Enjoy AC !
Posted By: C from UK

Re: Renting a Private Beach Home - 02/27/04 12:10 PM

California Girl - We're staying at Brianna's over Christmas and New Year - Mother and Father in Law, hubby and 10 year old son - any info on this would be really appreciated. We were concerned about a pool but what's the beach like for swimming right outside? Also noticed the water taxis drive past there - any problem or are they quite far out? - thanks for any info.

Re: Renting a Private Beach Home - 02/27/04 04:59 PM

Try your luck with one of the spsc raffle tix. you may win a house!!! smile
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