Posted By: danielschicago

Newcomer! - 02/26/04 04:58 PM

Hi! My husband and I are staying in a friend's condominium at Paradise Villas and would like some help with how we should get groceries, cocktails, etc. Any other pertinent info you can provide would be wonderful.

How do we get to the store, is delivery expensive, are there any local favorite snacks we shhould sample etc? Thank you very much for allowing us to join your forum. We are so excited to get there!!!!
Posted By: seashell

Re: Newcomer! - 02/26/04 05:17 PM

You are very near two larger grocery stores. Just go out the gate on the roadside and to your right, you will walk right into a pink grocery store. Just kittykorner to it, is another.

You can easily walk it on the beach too. Go out to the beach and turn left, head north and immediately after the Blue Tang Inn, turn left again. Go up the little street and again, you will walk to the pink supermarket with the other market kittykorner to it.

I never bothered with delivery. I'd just load up a couple of bags of whatever I needed for a day or two, and walk back home with it. Certainly from where you will be located, carrying your own should not a problem at all.

They are both good stores. Sometimes the produce is better in one than the other. I couldn't quite figure that out, since I thought all fresh produce arrived on the same day, but whatever.

You can buy liquor and beer there too. The pink market even had a nice Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon, that I didn't think was all that bad considering.
Posted By: DoubleE

Re: Newcomer! - 02/26/04 06:06 PM

Daniels, We are also staying at Paradise Villas. 17 days and waiting!!!! I was told there was a beach Bar right next door.
Seashell Thanks for the heads up on the stores!
I just don't think I can wait 17 more Days!!!
Posted By: govikes

Re: Newcomer! - 02/26/04 06:42 PM

danielschicago, make sure you get some eats from the street vendors! Unlike many other places in the world, it's safe to buy/eat; some of the tastiest and most inexpensive food can be had from some of the vendors you'll see wandering the beach, streets, etc. I've had empanadas that were fab., fried coconut pies, meat patties, to name a few. Also make sure you have some fried jacks during one of your breakfasts; meat pies and watermelon juice from Celi's (or Ruby's) deli.
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