Belize in June

Posted By: alaurieb

Belize in June - 02/27/04 12:42 AM

First - I just want to thank everyone. This message board is great! It has answered a lot of my questions and given me some ideas on how to spend my two weeks in paradise. I have a couple of quick questions though...
I will be getting married in AC in mid-June. I know that it is technically the rainy season. Will weather be a big concern? Is there a certain time of day that would be best to avoid for an outdoor ceremony?
Also, I know that I need to be in the country for 3 days. Is that 3 full days? We are planning on having the wedding on a Monday - will it be okay if we arrive sometime on Friday?
Sorry for the long post & thanks again!
Posted By: KathyA

Re: Belize in June - 02/27/04 01:52 AM

Hi Laurie! I was there in early June of last year. It was very hot but the wind blew constantly. There were a couple of rain showers. They blew in and out quickly, and in our case came in the pre-dawn hours. Good sleeping weather. It never rained during the day but a couple of days it was overcast. That was OK because the sun is so intense.
Posted By: alaurieb

Re: Belize in June - 02/27/04 05:04 AM

Thanks for your help. I've been really worried about the weather but hopefully it won't be an issue. Looking forward to the trip! smile
Posted By: NYgal

Re: Belize in June - 02/27/04 03:24 PM

You also have to do something about your license. You can't just be in the country.

I hope you plan on someone helping you with the wedding and the paperwork.

Good Wishes... smile

Re: Belize in June - 02/27/04 03:45 PM

Amen. And not as easy as it sounds without some help.
Posted By: Kathy F.

Re: Belize in June - 02/27/04 03:54 PM

You can arrive on Friday and get married on Monday. My daughter did that last September. As NY Gal says, there are a lot of other condiderations too. We used Iraida at to help us. She did all the paperwork, arranged the minister, flowers and a photographer. She also helped us to decide where to stay and to have the wedding. We stayed at Carribbean Villas and had the wedding on their beach. Great place and a very pretty beach. My daughter wanted to get married at dawn on the beach since San Pedro is on the East side of AC, but it seems most mornings are cloudy and you really take a chance that you will have a pretty sunrise. She switched to a sunset wedding and it was beautiful (plus, we didn't have to get up at 4:00 or 5:00 in the morning) laugh It rained earlier in the day, but by sunset all rain was gone which, from reading this board, seems the way most rainy days are. Congratulations on your wedding. I'm sure you will have a great time on AC. cool Kathy
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Re: Belize in June - 02/27/04 04:56 PM

Thanks for all of the helpful advice. I really appreciate it.
I actually enlisted the help of Iraida months ago - and after reading all of these messages - I am really thankful.
We are staying at the Xanadu with all of our guests. We were hoping to do a sunset beach wedding - hopefully it will work out.
If anyone has any other suggestions/advice, I am all ears.....
Posted By: Now Danny

Re: Belize in June - 02/27/04 05:22 PM

I'm not one to give advice, but here goes. Since I recently celebrated my daughter's wedding, here is the advice. Relax, enjoy, chill and have a good time. It will be over way too soon. Don't get hyper, over envolved in all the planing. Take it easy. Don't turn into bridezilla. Good luck and have fun.
Posted By: Barbara K

Re: Belize in June - 02/27/04 09:38 PM

The legal rule is you must be in the country 3 business days before you can apply for the license and then receive it and have the ceremony the next day. That said, looks like someone did a Friday - Monday thing above but sounds questionable to me.
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Re: Belize in June - 02/27/04 11:05 PM

Do you know of anyone that I could contact to officially answer my question so that there are no doubts. I would hate to get there and not be able to go through with the wedding we've spent so much time planning.
We were going to purchase our airfare tonight or tomorrow and I'd like to know for sure before we do.
Posted By: Barbara K

Re: Belize in June - 02/27/04 11:13 PM

Try the Belize Tourist Board at 800-624-0686. They can answer or direct you to someone who can.
Posted By: alaurieb

Re: Belize in June - 03/02/04 07:03 PM

Thanks for the suggestion to cal the Tourist Board. They told me that the days do not start counting until the day after you arrive therefore - I will have to arrive on Thursday and count three days from then.
1. Friday
2. Saturday
3. Sunday
Get married on Monday smile
Thanks for the advice - I'm glad I double checked!
Posted By: djcritz

Re: Belize in June - 04/10/04 01:07 AM

alaurieb, please e-mail my wife and me for an unbiased account of our experience. I'd post it here but I'm afraid they'd erase it (not to scare you -- Belize was an incredible place to get married, it's just who plans it that becomes a concern)!
: [email protected]
Posted By: Chloe

Re: Belize in June - 04/10/04 03:13 AM

djcritz, I do not think your report would be deleted, if you tell how Victoria's staff saved your wonderful day. Dwell on good parts. Then explain why, things would have failed. JMHO
Posted By: djcritz

Re: Belize in June - 04/11/04 04:12 AM

Good point JMHO, and well said.

The folks at Victoria House (Natalie and Oscar, who filled in for Javier who was out of town) really took the time to make our wedding special. All of this despite the fact that Victoria House wasn't supposed to be involved with the coordination in the first place.

They set up appointments for us with their florist, created an INCREDIBLE cake and bent over backwards in every detail to make sure we left happy and satisfied.

Kay Scott was also great, and fun, and incredibly professional. She took amazing photos and we absolutely loved her. In fact, her website photos don't do her pictures the amount of justice they deserve (things look much different on a screen than they do on paper).

Absolutely check with Javier or Natalie or Oscar at Victoria house if you plan on getting married. Not only do they return e-mails, you can talk and ask questions to a live person through their toll free number.

How's that for a positive glowing review? If you want to hear more good stuff about VH feel free to e-mail me and you'll get feel good stuff as well.
Posted By: Chloe

Re: Belize in June - 04/11/04 05:04 AM

"Thumb's truly up to djcritz, thanks.
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