???on where to confused

Posted By: Duhhbeach

???on where to confused - 03/03/04 05:38 AM

Thanks KLC for your reply. I am looking for a place close to the action but not too noisy, with a pool A/c bar...with a nice beach. At least for the first 4 days! I will be there for 10 so Im not opposed to moving around. I have a guest for the first 3 days who wants something "decent". I have to say Im really surprised at the prices of most of the hotels!
Posted By: Badco

Re: ???on where to confused - 03/03/04 05:48 AM

BLUE TANG. Any place you stay, unless it's toward the beach side or the front, will be noisey as most places back up to a main street and street traffic(even in San Pedro) is noisey. I just got back two weeks ago & stayed at a different place than I usually do & it was horrible in terms of noise. I had to use earplugs. As for "nice beaches", the only truely nice beach area on ambergris is at a beach park up near the ferry crossing. Having said that, many areas on the island have a narrow stretch of groomed beachfront that they provide for their guests. Many bars are near this hotel & the pier there is great to snorkle off of. Enjoy.
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Re: ???on where to confused - 03/04/04 03:17 PM

Hi Duhbeach:
Why don't you check out The Tides. Nice Big rooms
beach bar and Pool. Very quiet after the bar closes which is early enough to get a good night sleep or just join the party. Of course this isn't every night!!!! eek
Beautiful Pier and a sandy beach.
We loved it there and that was before the pool.
Big Dave laugh
Posted By: cathy and richard

Re: ???on where to confused - 03/04/04 03:51 PM

we just got back from our trip to AC and having been to other places in the carribbean, AC is not a nice beach destination for swimming.. it is not a swimming from the shore place period. not to say we did not love it, we did, but not for the beaches but for the snorkeling and such. the beaches in town are packed and small. if you traveling without children, check out the places north where the sand is very nice and the beach larger with no traffic on it. we really enjoyed our trip however and had a blast.
Posted By: Jack and Rose

Re: ???on where to confused - 03/09/04 06:06 PM

Just got back Sunday & am having bad withdrawl!!!

Badco,where did you stay? We were at Aqua Marina which is right on Front street & had no noise problem. Then again it is down the end of the street.Were you near Fidos with bands playing at night?

Duhhbeach, I go along with Badcos suggestion of Blue Tang. Right next to town & there is an area out front where you can sit on a decent beach area & get in the water for a swim.My brother inlaw lives & works in San Pedro & just moved in to an apartment a couple of doors down from Blue Tang.Blue Tang is a real nice looking place.If sitting big expansive white sand beaches & body surfing is your this, it doesn,t exist on AC.But there is plenty of hot sun & you can get in to cool off if needed. It has many other great thins to offer.My favorite hobby is eating seafood as I don't partake of booze.It worked out great for my wife & I. She likes to have her beers & tropical drinks while watching her food intake.I eat like a horse & don't gain a pound.I ate my way through the Island.The food was fabulous.

You,ll love it in San Pedro
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