Shore Fishing Caye Caulker

Posted By: stamiya

Shore Fishing Caye Caulker - 03/13/04 07:26 AM

I've been on the Belize Message Boards and not gotten a lot of information on places to shore fish on Caulker, so since I've seen a lot of fisherfolk posting on this board, I thought I'd try asking here! wink Can anybody recommend someone who can give us info on shore fishing spots once we're on Caulker? We'll be doing some guided fishing - will the guide be willing to give us tips on unguided fishing? We like to toss a line in whenever we happen to feel like it, as well as do serious fishing with a boat and a guide. laugh Thanks for any info. Sharon
Posted By: raskage

Re: Shore Fishing Caye Caulker - 03/13/04 08:21 AM

Can't help you with spots, but if you have treated your guide well (including tip) he should be happy to tell you some spots to fish from shore. I'd ask him to point out the best bets, most guides will.
Posted By: TIMO

Re: Shore Fishing Caye Caulker - 03/13/04 05:30 PM


We have touched base earlier about fishing(my favorite topic here), and as far as shore fishing at CC, I've personally never seen anybody doing it. We have fished all around that island, and in a few small cuts in the mangrove, and mainly caught bonefish, small snappers, and a few small cudas. Fished near the reef out front of the island for bigger cudas and others. There is obviously good fishing at CC, and we've generally had good luck. My guess is you could fish from shore, just never seen it. Like was said above your guide will probably give you some ideas.
Good luck! TIMO
Posted By: stamiya

Re: Shore Fishing Caye Caulker - 03/14/04 12:35 AM

Thanks, Timo and raskage - since we always treat our guides well, we should be able to get a few "tips" from them in return wink Can't wait to be there - and I don't imagine we'll be any too happy to have to leave! The fishing sounds great!
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