Flying into San Pedro

Posted By: Hareball

Flying into San Pedro - 03/22/04 10:27 PM

My soon to be wife and I are heading to San Pedro in June. This will be our first trip to Belize and we can't wait. I would like recomendations on traveling from Belize City to San Pedro. Should we get a reservation ahead of time or just stand in line when we arrive. Our flight gets in at approx. 1:30 on a Monday. - Thx - John
Posted By: SAFE4NOW

Re: Flying into San Pedro - 03/22/04 11:37 PM

They seem to have flights every 30mins or so - I would have your hotel make the rez for you - they sometimes get a discount. It usually runs less that $100us per round trip.

Posted By: shelley

Re: Flying into San Pedro - 03/23/04 08:41 PM

I'd make a reservation. We had a full flight last June. You can always wait for the next flight if you want to hang around the airport and drink rum puchIt's $90~$100 round trip. Call Air Tropic/Tropic Air. Where ever your staying should have a service to get you booked.
Posted By: klcman

Re: Flying into San Pedro - 03/24/04 02:36 AM

no need to call -
you can book online withe eitehr Maya or Tropic




That said, I usually just have Banana Beach book it and add it to my bill - no extra chg
Posted By: Mike and Daphne Ryan

Re: Flying into San Pedro - 03/24/04 05:12 PM

Make, or have someone make, a reservation. Remember they stop flying to AC when night comes. Depending on how much baggage you (and the others on the flight to AC) have, your luggage may not come on the same plane that you come on. At Tropic Air you can wait in the waiting room. At Maya Island Air, you can wait on the large covered porch area. That's our preference, but we often take Tropic air because they seem to have a greater number of the larger planes, and we think we have a better chance of getting our luggage on the same plane that we are on. On the other hand, it's really nice sitting out on the porch at Maya Island Air, with something with rum in it in your hand, looking at the palm trees and chatting with others hanging out on the porch. Sort of gets you into the mood of the place.

In any case, the people you're dealing with are really, really nice.

Michael (the well known Monster)
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