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Posted By: Barnicle Brad

Trip Photos - 03/29/04 07:27 PM

Well...we finaly posted our trip photos from our first trip to AC in February, on "Slideshow" for best effect

web page
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Re: Trip Photos - 03/30/04 12:53 AM


absolutely spectacular underwater shots! looks like you saw one of just about everything!!

thanks for sharing all of those pictures!
Posted By: Barry

Re: Trip Photos - 03/30/04 05:51 AM

Returned from AC in late Jan. Thanks for the memories! Grreat shots! I love the White Boxer!!
I'll have to send you one of mine. Wendy is no longer with me but for 11 yrs. added so much to my life. She loved the water but unfortunately never made it to the beaches of AC w/me.
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Re: Trip Photos - 03/30/04 11:27 PM

Thanks for the great comments. My Brother deserves the credit as he took most of the photos, I just posted the link! We had a great time in AC. By far, our most memorable dive was at the Turneffe Elbow. We surfaced to find a pod of 30 dolphins swimming around us! A fate would have it, the camera lens fogged...........
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Those are some of the best underwater shots I've seen! What camera did your brother use and I assume the processing was done digitally through the link. Wow!
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Re: Trip Photos - 03/31/04 12:18 AM

I am curious about the camera as well - those are amazing!
Posted By: kerry

Re: Trip Photos - 03/31/04 01:39 AM

those shots put mine to shame!!! took my breath away....thanx for sharing!!! kerry
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Re: Trip Photos - 03/31/04 01:42 AM

Can't wait for a certain Western diver to weigh in on this one wink
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Re: Trip Photos - 03/31/04 02:52 AM

Please no questions about the type of underwater camera!!! I made the mistake of asking about a month ago, and it almost created a cyber-fistfight between some posters! But they are really nice pictures.... shhh be very quiet - what type of camera did you use!!
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Re: Trip Photos - 03/31/04 02:54 AM

yup - they be nice for sure and I see ALOT!
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Re: Trip Photos - 03/31/04 03:06 AM

Awesome photos, hope mine turn out that good... 10 days to start snapping...
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Re: Trip Photos - 03/31/04 06:06 PM

I used a Sony DSC P5 digital camera in a Sony MPK P5 underwater housing with a Sea & Sea YS90 flash. It is an OK set up, but by no means a great one. The flash was new on this trip and it really made a difference. Glad everyone enjoyed the photos. Can't wait for the day someone makes a housing for the Sony IP-55 video camera.
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Re: Trip Photos - 03/31/04 06:44 PM

The Sony DSC-p5 costs approx $150 on Ebay

web page

The underwater housing was also purchased on Ebay for approx $140

web page

The most expensive item was the flash, which cost approx $600, however made the photos this trip. To compare the difference in quality, look at the Grand Cayman trip photos at the web site
web page

from last year, when we used the built-in flash.

Even with the built-in flash, the photos were good. For approx $300 (excuding the new flash), you can get set up with great digital camera and underwater housing good to 135 feet. Ebay was the best place to find the goods!!!! With the digital, you can see how the photos turn out while your underwater and take another if they do not!!!

Please do not side track this post with a discussion on the merits of the different types of digital cameras....We did alot of research and found for the "price", this combination suited our needs.....and we thought the photos would be enjoyed by our friends on this site!!!!!!!Enjoy and as Capt Jeff the dream!
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Re: Trip Photos - 04/02/04 08:50 PM

One more piece of advice, buy an extra 128 mg memory stick. ($50)
Posted By: boxerczar

Re: Trip Photos - 04/05/04 04:10 AM

Brad, have you forgotten, I used a 256mb card this trip. Found on Ebay for $56.
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