Banyan Bay / Xanadu / ???

Posted By: Coach Chas

Banyan Bay / Xanadu / ??? - 04/01/04 07:13 AM

First trip to AC. Hard to chose a resort. Family of 4 incl 2 older teens. Pricing from Banyan = Xanadu plus golf cart / day. Both appear beautiful (as do a lot of places). Any first hand input?
Thanks for your time.
Posted By: Ernie B

Re: Banyan Bay / Xanadu / ??? - 04/01/04 03:09 PM

Take a look at Carib Island Resort
Posted By: Jack and Rose

Re: Banyan Bay / Xanadu / ??? - 04/01/04 05:11 PM

A month ago my wife & I were riding bikes south of town & went by Banyan Bay. On the way back it was very hot so we stopped & jumped in the water at their beach. It probably has one of the best beaches on AC. It is a beautiful place & is not far from town. I don't know the prices.
Posted By: Barbara K

Re: Banyan Bay / Xanadu / ??? - 04/02/04 12:47 AM

I have stayed at both and both places are very nice. Xanadu is a bit closer to town and does offer the free bikes, kayaks & canoes. Banyan has a great beach but to be fair, Xanadu just increased their beach area by quite a bit and put in a little "kayak marina" just off shore. Can't go wrong with either place, really. Banyan is a bit more full service with restaraunt & bar on site, none at Xanadu but several within walking distance. Banyan does have that awesome summer special going on though - rates are hard to beat if you are going in the summer! Another place I would consider is The Palms. Much closer to town than either of the others (good for the teens!) and has spacious 2 bedroom suites as well.
Posted By: Coach Chas

Re: Banyan Bay / Xanadu / ??? - 04/02/04 04:35 AM

Not too sure how to add to these posts. Any help?
In case I get it at least partially right, thanks everyone for the input so far.
Posted By: klcman

Re: Banyan Bay / Xanadu / ??? - 04/02/04 04:41 AM

success !!
Posted By: zeecube

Re: Banyan Bay / Xanadu / ??? - 04/02/04 06:35 PM

Last August our family of 4 stayed at Banyan Bay. We lucked out and got a ocean front room with 3 bedrooms and 3 baths (the 3rd was a loft bedroom w/ bath), so each kid had their own space. very woody - lots of mahagony. Can't remember the room # but it was in building H, 2nd floor.
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