Where is Capt. Jeff

Posted By: Barnicle Brad

Where is Capt. Jeff - 04/04/04 04:05 PM

I have not seen any recent posts from Capt. Jeff...Are you still out there?????
Posted By: KathyA

Re: Where is Capt. Jeff - 04/04/04 07:39 PM

Actually, I've been wondering the same thing. I miss his positive and enthusiastic posts.
Posted By: denverdan

Re: Where is Capt. Jeff - 04/04/04 07:45 PM

I miss him too!
I spoke with him last Sunday and have heard nothing since.
I sure hope all is well and he's livin the dream.
Posted By: captjeff

Re: Where is Capt. Jeff - 04/06/04 07:02 PM

the capts back from his long trip to europe .he is back in the house ,thanks for asking... miss you all .you better belize it ..
Posted By: Redheada

Re: Where is Capt. Jeff - 04/06/04 08:02 PM

Hi Capt. Jeff - I have a fishing question for you - I was wondering what effect the full moon has on your ability to catch fish? I am going to be fishing with Bicho within a day of the full moon.

I am a novice at fishing but I have heard things like lunar cycle have an effect. Thoughts? (without laughing please).
Posted By: captjeff

Re: Where is Capt. Jeff - 04/06/04 08:27 PM

well here is the deal if capt bichos fangs come out ,and his hair comes out on his hands and grows and his finger nails start to get longer ,put on a cross and eat garlic .and do not turn your back on him .. as far as fishing goes do not worry as you will find a reef fish thats going to bite your line ,,and wants to be dinner .bicho is a master ,also more important in april is the wind and water temp all wich you have no control over.. so do not worry.. go have fun you will have action for sure ..,give me a call 1 800 231 7447 we will chit chat ..ask for capt jeff go live the dream and enjoy ..
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