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Posted By: wannaBEthere

San Pedro Schools - 04/08/04 03:36 AM

Does anyone have any pictures of San Pedro, and perhaps the school, that they could email me? What with Bryan being a Pastor and all, would love to bring to the attention of the congregations that the kids could use school supplies. If I hurry and get some sort of display made, they'll have 2 Sundays to bring in their "stuff" before we spread our lil pale white winter wings and fly south of the border!

I also did a search "schools" and read where it's better to give directly to the kids. Is that still the case, and if not, anyone have a name of a teacher/contact person there in San Pedro.

If you can help please email me:

[email protected]


Much Thanks!
Posted By: Chipper & Polly

Re: San Pedro Schools - 04/08/04 01:36 PM

Just returned last week , and we took many toys for the kids. They were very HAPPY, and all had an very polite thank you. The biggest "hits" were coloring books & crayons, jump ropes, & bubbles. The schools from what I understand are in great need of books for up to 6th grade. A person from our group is working with his church to send more items. I will try to send you a picture.
ENJOY!!! Tom

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Posted By: Djean

Re: San Pedro Schools - 04/08/04 07:18 PM

Hey Chipper & Polly, I am gald to meet you again on the board.

I wanted to post a "thank you" note on the board with the picture I sent to you with the kids and their stuff but is not sure how to do it.

are-we-there-yet, when Chopper & Polly came they brought us some stuff for our school and the kids all enjoyed them.

We are not in San Pedro though, we are in the south of the country, Dangriga.

If you would like I can send you the pic I sent to Chipper & Polly with the kids.
Posted By: mikell

Re: San Pedro Schools - 04/09/04 12:04 AM

capt. bicho's wife nari (sounds like mary...not sure of the spelling) is a teacher at one of the schools there (not sure if there is more than one grade school) and we dropped off a bag full of toys & books when we were to meet her and her granddaughter who is a student there.

it's a nice feeling to do something for the kids... smile
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Re: San Pedro Schools - 04/09/04 12:08 AM

here's a picture of the school yard...the kids lined up to pose for a picture when they saw me take my camera out! the little girl in pink is capt. bicho's granddaughter...

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Re: San Pedro Schools - 04/09/04 04:17 AM

ahhh ... ouuuu .... geeee .... what wonderful smiles! Thanks for the pic. Will follow up with getting in contact with Nari. Always nice to have a contact person on the other end.

Oh man, I'm almost as excited about taking stuff to give away as I am about going in general.

I also heard from Tom, and from Debbie, about the school in Dangriga. Silly me, asked if one could get to "Dangriga" on a gulf cart. Never was very good at geography!

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