But what will the kids do?

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But what will the kids do? - 04/09/04 02:05 PM

We're considering a 10 day vacation to Belize in 2005. A large part of the fun I get out of any holiday is the planning and preparation stages. As we are locked into traveling during Spring Break because of our 17 y/o daughter, I wanted to get a jump on the plans for next year's trip. We have a 22 y/o daughter who will also be traveling with us. I guess we're lucky that the kids are still interested in hanging out with us (or maybe it's because we're paying...I dunno!?)Like so many others, I googled "Belize" and discovered this board, which in turn has been an immense help in convincing me we'd have an amazing family adventure....makin' memories for a lifetime...which is what it's all about, right?
Based in large part on input from this board, my current plan has us going to the Mopan River Resort for the first 3 nites and then to Banyan Bay for the remainder. While on AC, the girls and I will take our open water dives to complete our scuba certification (probably with Amigos del Mar). Apparently a day of fishing and snorkeling with Capt Bicho is a "must do" so we'll fit that in as well. If we can, I'd like to stay 1 nite on Caye Caulker or do an overnite sail / snorkel. But we can figure the minor details out later, only the big picture is important right now. Once we arrive, we're pretty much a "go-with-the-flow" family. Like the kids and I, my wife is game for anything. She is, however, not terribly comfortable in the water once it gets over her head.
She is also concerned about the kids and the fun they'll have. The appeal of this trip is that it is NOT a Dom Rep all inclusive "cookie-cutter" holiday. But there are things about all inclusives that the kids love like the all day sports activities and the all night dance party (the kids actually let Mom and Dad come and dance with them!) As this may well be the last family holiday with just the 4 of us, we want to make sure that Belize, and AC in particular, is suitable for all of us. If you can add your 2 cents (in our money that's $.10cdn.)or if someone has trip photos that include young adults... are there alot of young adults holidaying on AC, particularly in March? there an issue with 17 y/o's accompanied by their parents in the bars at nite?...whatever you think will help in our plans and decisions, will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks for your time.
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Re: But what will the kids do? - 04/09/04 02:21 PM

coach looks like you got it right .a overnite on caye caulker might be to much ,to move from one place to another i would do just ambergris caye and then do a day trip to caye caulker ,capt bicho can do a full day tour ,you fish he drops here off to look about she shops on cc,then you pick her or them up ,do shallow water snorkel or beach swim then the famous beach bbq feast ,a full day of fun one of your best in belize.. your staying at banyan bay a great place why move to much ..relax ,the kids will have a blast you could plan two days with capt bicho .he will take you all around boat will travel south /north your the boss , ..just one of manny options ,go live the dream and enjoy ..
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Re: But what will the kids do? - 04/09/04 02:46 PM

Just got back from there couple of days ago. We had an 18, 15, 14 & 12 y/o with us. We went and watched a band with the kids and no one minded. Some places did note no one under the age of 18 so we didn't go there.
There were some other kids but not a whole lot. We weren't at a resort so maybe there would be more kids hanging around at the resort. My kids took the golf cart into town and were perfectly safe.
Single girl(s) tho might get more attention. My daughter and I got more attention than I thought we would when we went into town on our own.
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Re: But what will the kids do? - 04/09/04 02:47 PM


Catch a day snorkel/sail to hol chan and Caye Caulker, I think El Gato does this tour along with some others. No need to pack up, spend the night, pack up, and come back. It would be like packing your bags to go to the mall, it is only a half hour to Caye Caulker.

My two daughters visited me in San Pedro last month. They are 17 and 21. They had lots of fun even though 'surprise' there are no malls. We did the cave tubing and horseback riding on the mainland then spent 10 days on AC.

There are many places you can take them to party most of which you have heard of on this board.

Fidos (food and drink, I like the shrimp scampi)
Hammock House (food and drink, I like the pastrami)
Cannibals (on the beach)
Pier Lounge (chicken drop Wednesday)
Wet Willies (food and drink, wild (rated R) on Wednesday nights)

And of course late night at Big Daddy’s or Jaguars.

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Re: But what will the kids do? - 04/09/04 03:46 PM

"Children" at that age will find AC very interesting with lots to do that will be out of the ordinary for inclusive resort fare.

Our kids have been going with us to BZ for ten years (since they were 15 and 19) and have traveled there several times without us since.

Don't give me that "last time we get to pay" stuff. Our daughter was told that same thing three years ago, but also has said since her first trip, that AC was where she would get married. That will happen this June and guess who gets to pay the bill? Yup, she's one smart cookie and found a way for the old man to pay for another trip to San Pedro. Only this time it's 20 people. Anybody want to buy a real nice classic ('90) Harley Davidson Fat Boy? Clothes included.

Everything aside, if your family is as described the "kids" will have a great time and so will y'all.

Bombs away.

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