Alcohol question?

Posted By: rego

Alcohol question? - 04/14/04 12:34 AM

Just one day left before we leave......yeah!!! We were just given a Bon Voyage bottle of scotch......are we allowed to bring alcohol into the country?

Thanks in advance...... :rolleyes:
Posted By: lgca

Re: Alcohol question? - 04/14/04 01:41 AM

My husband and I each brought a bottle of wine and had no problems with customs. I told the official coming in that we had it in our bags - he did not seem to care. I would go for it.
Posted By: klcman

Re: Alcohol question? - 04/14/04 01:48 AM

there is a limit, but one bottle of scotch won't set off any alarms, it's not even close the max. (Unless it's a 40 yr old single malt and happens to be the C.O.'s favorite brand ) cool
Posted By: rego

Re: Alcohol question? - 04/14/04 03:58 AM

Thanks.... smile
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