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Ruins? - 04/16/04 07:24 PM

Hey everyone. We are planning to go to one of the Myan Ruin sites during our approaching trip, but have heard alot of two sided posts on here and from other people I know. Many people tell me to go to the ruins because it is simply amazing. Others tell me that it is just alot of traveling, a waste of a full day away from AC, and once you get there its like "ok we are here now lets go back." I just wanted some input for myself, and a suggestion on what the most impressive site is. I cant wait!! Thanks so much!
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Re: Ruins? - 04/16/04 08:00 PM

Just a personal opinion: I say if you have never seen a ruin - by all means take the opportunity to see it. If you have seen ruins before and your time is limited - then dont go.

But it is an amazing thing to see at least once. eek
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Re: Ruins? - 04/16/04 10:51 PM

Having been to several, if you are going for the day from AC, my suggestion would be to hit Lamanai. You will get more of an "experience' than Altun Ha (which in itself is fine, just a more manicured parklike feel to it) and the jungle river portions of the trip are way cool too. Who to tour with? Hands down, IMHO, Daniel Nunez, Tanisha Tours.
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Re: Ruins? - 04/17/04 12:16 AM

I agree klc... Altun Ha is interesting, but very small. Lamanai is well worth the trip. Also having an interest in the Mayans can also be helpful... no matter where you go.
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Re: Ruins? - 04/17/04 03:25 PM not get away from AC for a day or so would be a waste of a trip to Belize. Ambergris Caye is dessert and the mainland is the meat and potato's of a wonderful country and its diverse people. My favorite ruin is Cahal Pech which overlooks the beauty of San Ignacio and the Cayo district. This is a hands on ruin with rooms, tunnels and maze like stairs to explore. From AC,Fly to Municipal airport, take a taxi to the bus station and $4 later and 75 miles of scenery and people watching you are there. Take a back pack and spend the day and stay overnight at the San Ignacio hotel or at Caesar's Place and enjoy. I promise you won't be disapointed, plus you'll feel like Indiana Jones when you return home with the amazing pictures and memories...............
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Re: Ruins? - 04/17/04 04:29 PM

I went without my wife and that was a good split. I got to tell her about my terrific trip to Lamaini with Daniel from Tanisa tours and she got a day WITHOUT ME. 12 hours or so without running water [I'll spare you the Maalox Moment episode]. Then we swapped stories. Try that.

First post is correct--If you've never been DEFINITELY GO, especially if you're a birder as you will add seveal to your life list, including Jesus birds and perhaps an Irubu Stork.
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Re: Ruins? - 04/19/04 04:08 AM

You'll need a couple of days, but Tikal in Guatemala is awesome. AC is fabulous, but it's pretty up to date. Tikal and its surrounding area is a step back in time.
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